TV actor Manish Goyal to TV show Mahayatra

TV actor Manish Goyal to TV show Mahayatra which will go on air Jan 18. He was also seen as an active participant in dance reality shows like Nach Baliye, Zara Nachke Dikha.

New Delhi, Jan 11 (IANS) TV actor Manish Goyal will host the upcoming TV show “Mahayatra”, which will go on air Jan 18. Manish is also fulfilling his long-time wish of being a host. Apart from fiction shows on TV, the actor was also seen as an active participant in dance reality shows like “Nach Baliye” and “Zara Nachke Dikha”.

Manish is back on the tube with a bang as the host of STAR Plus’ latest reality show “Mahayatra” but sans his overgrown locks and beard that he has been sporting for the past two years.

Though Manish wasn’t too happy about getting rid of his beard and hair, he was content with the outcome.

“I was not happy at first because I had been keeping a beard and long hair for the past two years. They (the prodcuers) asked me to get rid of the beard and cut the hair short. I was a little hesitant but they convinced me to do so,” Manish told IANS.

“I must have tried at least 20-25 looks in all for this show. We experimented with the hairstyle, clothing etc. And by the grace of god, my look has been liked by many. In fact, my wife and friends say that I should keep this look and discard the hairy look. I think everything happens for the good. If I shaved, I did it only for ‘Mahayatra’,” he said.

The actor, who has earlier been seen in shows like “Saara Akaash”, “Bhabhi” and “Kasuatti Zindagi Kii”, has in fact been off the radar as he was not keen on doing run-of-the-mill shows that required a clean-shaven look.

“There had been offers but nothing different was coming my way. When I used to ask about the look, all that I would get in response would be: ‘Same clean shaven look with jeans and coat’. Honestly, I think it is a very typecast way of getting an actor on board,” Manish maintained.

However, he is glad with the way he is looking in “Mahayatra”, a show in which the 12 participants try to accomplish physical tasks to fulfill their parents’ dream of visiting the four major pilgrimage centers – Puri, Rameshwaram, Dwarka and Badrinath.

“I like to work for shows where I need to put in my best efforts, do a lot of hard work and those that challenge me. Like for ‘Mahayatra’, we worked on the look, on how to speak, how to talk and how to walk for seven days,” he said.

“I always wanted to host because it adds a different dimension to one’s life. It’s always better for an actor to be diverse. I hosted the ‘Nach Baliye 2’ semi-final for the first time and my work was really appreciated. That’s how my interest towards hosting increased.

“But I had never thought I would get such a big platform like ‘Mahayatra’. I have given it my best shot. And I am praying to god that just as people have accepted me as an actor and as a dancer, they would accept me as a host too,” he added.

He is married to actress Poonam Narula and the couple have two children.

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