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Tum Dena Saath Mera-TV Serial Preview

Tum Dena Saath Mera-TV Serial Preview
“ Tum Dena Saath Mera is a mega saga about the stories of the people of this passionate land. The intricate relations within families and friends. The love that carries on within generations that we can pass on to the next generation. These stories have been unfolded in DD1’s new POSTER serial to be aired on November 23 at prime time 9:30pm.
This is the first time in the history of Doordarshan that a soap opera has been given a three times a week telecast and has is being launched as a  platform for the channel.
tum dena poster

tum dena poster

The rich fields of Punjab… The tantalizing music and drum beats  echo in your ears..  The land of prosperity and celebration… Punjab. These unique colors of a beautiful land painted with the  love and hope of the families that bring this land to life.  Their hopes, their desires, their stories.


Simran’s Family:

Simran: 23 year old. A beautiful cultured Punjabi girl. She is the main protagonist. Simiran is highly caring and loving person. She is the eldest among the siblings. She is a very good singer and master in making food… though she is blind. Simran has grown up dreaming about Samarjeet, her childhood friend, as her bridegroom… as she grew, her dream started fading. She realized that no one wants to marry her as she is blind. But Samarjeet infused that he loved her unconditionally… her only dream is to get married to Samarjeet… but her only hurdle is her fate… which never lets them meet.

Piku Sharma

Piku Sharma

Kiranjeet : 21 years. Kiranjeet is one mature girl among sisters. She doesn’t talk much but when she talks, she is capable of toppling a government. She is close to Simiran… Kiranjeet has only one dream… to become Inspector. She loves the authority and power. She is down to earth like her elder sister.
Manpreet: 20 year old, Manpreet is the third child of Daarjji. An emotional fool, Manpreet is a woman of weak heart. She gets hurt and jealous very fast and in her jealous trip and in this condition she can be harmful. Manpreet knows that every one is scared of her and she njoys her powerful status.

Gudiya/ Choti: 18 year old.  She speaks a lot… she is short tampered and highly emotional girl… she likes to have fun… and this is what is used against her one day.

Gurunam Singh: a farmer by work and a devout father in house, father loves his daughter and doesn’t make any anger

Preeto: devout housewife. Her husband is the final authority. She doesn’t carry in Mother.

Samarjeet’s Family

Manjeet: A suave and well dressed gentleman, Manjeet is in love with Punjab… and that s why he has come back as he used to miss, matti.
Jasmeet ‘Jass’: Mother. She hates Gurunam because she had to marry her Jija, Manjeet because of him. She was in love with some one else. She takes up against Simiran that she will not let Gurunam’s aughter marry her love.

Samarjeet: main  hero, 25 year old. He is man of words and emotions. Son of a rich NRI, he is dressed well in very American youth. He is simple and humble person.

Narinder: Nari Mama is Jasmeet’s brother and main brain behind her thinking. (Mamaji). A highly manipulative man and is the main advisor to Narindar.

The Villain and his Family

piku sharma1

piku sharma1

Lakhvindar “Lakha”: (25) He is a very Permeet Sethi kind of hard core vagabond. He wants to be rich very fast and that is why he has targeted Gurunam. He has evil designs to take over Gurunam’s property.

Kulvindar “Kukka”: (22)Younger brother of  Lakha. He is his brothers chamcha. He is mentally a bit slow but he likes bad things. He loves watching Chicken being cut… a very sadist and mental character. He always has some absurd lines in very grim situation, which will amberrass every one.

Kuyeinwali: (45) A widow, Kuyeinwali is a typical low cast aggressive Punjabi Mother-in-law. She is very selfish and uses her son as her weapon. She is capable of insulting anyone. Her world revolves around her sons.

Other Tracks

Jugni Bebe: An old lady from the vicinity… she is a regular in the house. Every one respects her and calls her bebe. She carries an authority in all the family and she can scold or question any one. She is highly respected. Jugni Bebe is considered  lucky for the family she blesses with Lunch. Jugni Babe decides her Jajmaan of the day.

Chail: female servent. Handles kitchen.

Chhabili: Chail’s sis and also house help… she handles house keeping.

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