Trishna (2008): Bengali Film starring Rituparna Sengupta

Trishna (2008) is a Bengali movie, remake of the Hindi Film Jism. Rituparna plays the role of Bipasha Basu in this film and competes with her in exposing her body. She will be seen in two piece bikinis and showing lots of her skin in this movie.

Trishna (2008) Bengali Movie Review
Trishna is a bengali remake of  the superhit “Jism” that made Bipasha Basu famous in her career. Rituparna Sengupta is doing Bipasha Basu in Trishna while Angshuman plays John Abraham. Jism was full of sex and exposure. So does the Bengali version “Trishna“. Bipasha Basu did Jish in her early career. She always had a super sexy body and a modeling background. Rituparna Sengupta has been in the industry for a very long time and she already passed her glorious days with Prosenjit Chakraborty. However, Rituparna is all set to score highest points for being the “sexiest Bengali actress of all time” in trishna. She is bold and beautiful in her bras and swimwear and towels.

Director: Pritam Jalan
Rituparna Sengupta, Angshuman
Release date: January 30th, 2009

Trishna (2008) - Rituparna Sengupta

The film Trishna (2008) is however a remake of the original Jism, it is not a 100% copy. We can not wait to watch the sizzling Rituparna doing a “sexy loner” role in the movie. Debutant director Pritam Jalan gave a complete new look to Rituparna – curled hair, smokey eyes, skimpy cloths. She is girl name “Piyasha” in the film synonymous with “Trishna”. She said that this is her first film showing lots of skin to her fans however she did not cross her limit.

It would be very interesting to see the success for the film. Somewhat orthodox culture of Calcutta may not accept such a sex-full Bengali movie at all. Or, the new generation may find the trend in Bengali movie wonderful. In an interview with Sreya Basu Rituparna Sengupta mention she is “sisterly” towards Angshuman who wend red doing the “steamy” scenes!

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Rituparna Sengupta has performed in numerous different character roles from”Sasurbari Jandabad” to “Parimitar Ekdin”. She did wonderful performance in “Chaturanga”. Her role in Swet Pathorer Thala received high level of appreciation. Some of her notable Bengali films are Debipakshya, Parimitar Ekdin, Alo. She is now trying to work more in Bollywood Hindi films. Her debut Hindi film “Main, Mere Patni Aur Ooh” did very well.

Rituparna will be competing Bipasha in exposing their bodies! In an interview with Kushali Nag (t2) Rituparna Sengupta said she is wearing very short dresses in the movie – Short denim pants, very short skirts, a two-piece bikini and a sarong. She said the boldest thing she did in Trishna will be seen on the “Beach”!

Video Clips of Trishna

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I am Not Copying Bipasha
Rituparna at tT2

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  1. ohh….I have heard the music of the new bengali movie “trishna”
    released very recently….
    great…really great music….I think its a new dimention in bengali film music…
    All the songs are well-composed & the sound of all the songs are so different…
    I have noticed that the name of th music director is Ashok Raj.
    Salute to Mr.Ashok Raj for his beautiful & catchy music….
    Hope to listen more & more from him in future….

  2. I am waiting to see the movie “Trishna”…
    Recently i have heard the songs of “Trishna”….
    A new dimention in bengali film music…as I feel…
    very New Gen sound… very new style of music compositions…
    great job….
    Please convey our heartiest good wishes to Mr. Ashok Raj…the music director
    of “Trishna”…
    Hope for the best for “Trishna”…

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  6. hi i am sujoy.i am the singer of trishna.there are my 2 songs in this film those are
    MARIA & JUST KILL ME O MY LOVE WITH JOJO.Expecting feedback from viewers.

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