Trimex launches mineral sands project in Andhra

Hyderabad, June 25 (IANS) The Trimex Group, a leading specialty value chain provider for industrial minerals, Friday announced that its mineral sands Project in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh has started commercial production.

The company also announced the start of shipment of high-value industrial heavy minerals. The project will be formally inaugurated by Chief Minister K. Rosaiah Saturday.

The company has acquired the mining lease for 7.2 square km in the coastline of Srikakulam for 30 years, renewable for another 30 years.

The company has invested Rs.250 crore in the initial phase covering pilot studies, bulk samples, extensive hydrology, extensive environmental, social and public perception studies, complete detailed engineering, and finalization of the mining license agreement with the government and private land owners.

The company plans to invest Rs.4,000 crore in the plant till 2017-18.

‘The investment will go towards the expansion of extraction areas, increase of processing capacity, technology upgradation and research and development (R&D) of high value and premium products,’ said Prasad Koneru, chairman, Trimex Group.

The custom-built, fully-integrated, multi-mineral facility currently extracts, processes and produces 200,000 TPA of Ilmenite, 6,000 TPA of Rutile, 6,000 TPA of Zircon, 60,000 TPA of Garnet, and 50,000 TPA of Sillimanite.

The products from this project are used in the manufacture of paints, ceramics, abrasives, insulation, cosmetics, paper, leather, glass products, artificial gems, aircraft parts, artificial human joints and filtration media.

Trimex Group is a minerals business house with interests in extraction, sourcing, procurement, delivery, and R&D.

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