Toss-Prashant Raj is Back

Toss-Prashant Raj is Back
Though Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag the remake of cult classic Sholay may have become history, it’s leading man, Prashant Raj who played the role of Amitabh Bachchan, as the angry young man has now bounced back with another film titled Toss.

If Aag was the entry point Toss is certainly going to be my debut.” Prashant tells us. Prashant is very excited about his second movie “Toss he says is basically about six friends and how an incident changes their lives. How convictions will make someone go to lengths to achieve their goals. While in Aag I was an angry young man, here I am a sober and sophisticated Advertising guy who is a diligent worker” the lanky newcomer reveals to us.

When asked about his sudden disappearance after his debut venture failed to perform at the box office, Prashant says, “I was honing my talents all the while. I learnt martial art and different forms of dancing. I have been traveling all over the world.  I had been to Portugal and Spain attending theatre and learning music and attending various festivals. Due to the strike I had a lot of time on hand so I made use of it. However I have signed another film but a little recasting is being done. They will lock the film hopefully by the end of the month.” Sampurn

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