Tomaye Bhalobashi (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

Tomaye Bhalobashi Bengali Movie StillSept 12, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Tomaye Bhalobashi is a 2011 Bengali movie directed by Sujit Guha with Kunaal, Jhilik, Biplab Chatterjee, Shakti Kapoor and others in the cast. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.

Banner: Pitrashish Films Pvt. Ltd.,

Direction: Sujit Guha

Story & Screenplay: Somnath Bhattacharya

Cinematography: B. Satish

Editor: M.Susmit

Music direction: Anand-Milind

Cast: Kunaal, Jhilik, Biplab Chatterjee, Jaydeep Chowdhury, Dolon Roy and Shakti Kapoor

Rating: 01/10

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B0052XR346″ display=”inlinepost”]The ethical question that surrounds the review of a film like Tomaye Bhalobashi is – should such films be made at all, much less reviewed? Why am I raising this question? Would I have raised it had I not watched the film? No, I would not have. The backdrop is supposedly a college, possibly co-ed backed with a solid NCC team supervised by Major Shakti Gadgadi (Shakti Kapoor). Avijit (Kunaal) joins the NCC Camp but is constantly harassed by Rana, another student who throws his weight and muscles around because he is the local don (Bharat Kaul)’s brother who is very powerful.

Soon after, we find Rana and Avi having fallen head over heels for the pretty Tina (Jhilik) who also stays in the neighbouring girls’ hostel and is the Police Commissioner’s daughter. Rana maneuvers and traps Avi in a false rape charge and Avi is thrown out of the camp and college though he insists he is innocent. But the kind-hearted Major who has a soft corner for Avi straightens things out and things end happily for everyone around. Tina’s angry father is united with Shakti Gadgadi who is an old friend.

However, do not expect to see a college in the film. Not a single class gets taken by professors or attended by students. The entire film is set against the backdrop of the NCC grounds and camp which is also an apology for any real NCC Camp. Avi and Jhilik is no good and no one knows why Shakti Kapoor has been roped in to act in a Bengali film when his days in Bollywood have now ended. What USP does he have? Jhilik neither has screen presence nor can she act. There is a very vulgar scene between Shakti Kapoor and a fat junior artiste in a hotel room where Shakti comes in to meet his favourite Bollywood star. He plays around with her toes in his mouth and how this scene passed the Censors one really fails to understand. Jhililk’s panties often peep out from beneath her dress in the dance sequences which is in very bad taste. There is no technique in the film to write about because the technicians had precious little to do. Flat light and pastel colours do nothing to correct things.

The pretty young journalist sitting beside me summed up the film in one line, “This is a film which should never have been made.”

– Shoma A. Chatterji

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