Tomar Jonno (2008)

Tomar Jonno (2008)
Director: Nilanjan Banerjee
Release date: 14th November.
Casts: Rishi, Shreya, Kanchan Mullick, Soumitra Chatterjee, Locket Chatterjee
Music Director: Jolly Mukherjee
Produced by: Z Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.
Tomar Jonno (2008) Bengali Movie
Tomar Jonno (2008) Bengali Movie

Nilanjan Banerjee, who has graduated from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) has finished shooting his maiden venture, Tomar Jonno, a love story inspired by Chaplin’s City Lights which is finally releasing today. Mr. Banerjee, who’s directed TV shows like Airtel Bandwagon, says his movie has an “old Uttam- Suchitra touch”.

We still have no information about the name of the star cast. Please add the name of the actors and actres if you know.


‘TJ’ (Tomar Jonno) is Nilanjan’s debut film as a film director. The movie is produced by Zee Motion Pictures. Tomar Jonno features debutant heroine Shreya opposite Rishi. We wrote and article about Rishi just few weeks back. He was the brother of Prosenjit in “Takkar” released earlier this year. ‘Tomar Jonno’ is again another love story this year which is already flooded with many more love stories. However, the movi “Tomar Jonno” has a different taste from ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’ and ‘Bhalobasa Bhalobasa’.

The film is based on Nilanjan’s idea and the screenplay is by Saran Dutta. Joseph (Rishi), an orphan young brought up by a Father (Soumitra Chatterjee), falls in love with Aankhi (Shreya), a blind girl who lives with her mother and sells flowers. Joseph is the driver of a famous actress Reshmi Ghosh (Locket Chatterjee) and also sings at a pub. When they first met Joseph was driving film actress Reshmi’s (Locket Chatterjee) car. But Joseph did not reveal his identity as an orphan. Even he said his name was Aditya.For them he is Aditya, a rich businessman.

The story can be easily divided into two parts – Aankhi’s blindness and Aankhi’s life after being cured.

Actually Joseph was deeply in love with Aankhi. So to procure money for curing her eyes he committed a crime. Joseph’s childhood friend Kancha (Kanchan Mallick) tries to stop him from doing this crime, but fails to stop him. He became a partisan in the kidnapping of the film actress Reshami. Joseph got 5 lacs of rupees for helping the goons. By this money he took Aankhi and her mother to a distant place. But when the operation was about to start he received the news that police was searching him. He immediately flew back to Kolkata and surrendered to the police and jailed for 4 years.
When Rishi came back from Jail his father was dead for long. He started his search for his love. When he finally found Aankhi, she was very rich. He decides not to reveal his identity to Ankhi and stay away from her. Joseph gets a job of a singer at a bar with Kancha’s help. There Rahul Roy (Subrata Dutta) notices him and gives him the job of his driver. Suddenly Joseph comes to know that presently Ankhi is Rahul’s love interest. On the day of their engagement Rahul forces Joseph to sing a song. By listening to the song Ankhi realizes that Joseph is Aditya and she leaves the party with tears. Rahul understands the situation. In the mean time Reshmi arrives at the party for being the schoolmate of Rahul.This role of an idiot is superbly enacted by Subrata Dutta. There she identifies Joseph and tells everyone that he is a criminal. But Rahul understands the love and feelings of Joseph and allows Ankhi and Joseph to get engaged and thus the movie ends happily.

Running in the following Calcutta Movie Halls

  • Bharati     :     3 P.M., 6 P.M., 8:30 P.M.
  • Darpana     :     2:45 P.M., 5:45 P.M., 8:30 P.M.
  • Purabi     :     2:30 P.M., 5:30 P.M., 8:30 P.M.

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    1. The songs are really melodious. Infact, this is one of such a rare combination in a Bengali Movie after “Bar Asbe Ekhuni”.

      I request the audience to listen to the songs atleast for once. You can then judge….

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