Tokhon Teyish-Upcoming Bengali Film by Atanu Ghosh-Characters, Cast and Crew (Interview)

Indrani Haldar, Jishu Sengupta in Tokhon Teyish-Bengali Movie
Indrani Haldar, Jishu Sengupta

Nov 27, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): Filmmaker Atanu Ghosh’s upcoming film ‘Tokhon Teyish’ starring Jishu Sengupta, Indrani Haldar, Paoli Dam, Aparajita Ghosh Das, Neel Mukhopadhyay, Rajatabha Dutta, Biplab Chattopadhyay is to release in coming January.

In a chit-chat with Shrabanti Basu of CalcuttaTube director Atanu Ghosh talks about the characters of the story and the cast and crew of the film in quite some detail.

The film is about Tamodeep’s (Jishu Sengupta) journey in different phases of life and incidents that happened with him when he was 23. Tamodeep is now 27. The story, however, is not told chronologically. The period when he was 23 years old, constitutes about 95 percent of the movie.

Introvert and a loner by nature, Tamodeep’s life changed within a span of 48 hours at the age of 23. “Within a small periphery of people in his life are Srabani (Tanushree Shankar), Meghna (Indrani Halder), Sriparna (Aparajita Ghosh Das), and Mohini (Paoli Dam). All these four characters are of pivotal importance.”

Paoli Dam in Tokhon Teyish Bengali Movie
Paoli Dam

Let us take a more detailed look at these four equally important female characters:

Srabani: Tamodeep’s mother. When Tamodeep was 17 he had a problem with her that led to a strained relationship between them. That issue came up when he was 23 and with that came a definite turning point in their relationship.

Meghna: Tamodeep’s auntie with whom he last met when he was 17. They never met in between till he turned 23. But all this time, he let her know through SMS about everything that happened in his life, though she never replied. This is another point of curiosity.

Meghna holds the torch inside Tamodeep’s mind. She knows him since he was in class nine. Curiously, she has the license to do explore him. In fact, this is something she is gifted with. She runs a program on FM where people tell her about their deepest secrets.

Sriparna: Tamodeep has met Sriparna a month and half back. She is her facebook buddy. Sriparna meets people who are invariably men and classifies them as good, bad, strange, and interesting.

Mohini: Tamodeep’s muse, object of fantasy for the last two or three years.

Aparajita Ghosh Das in Tokhon Teyish Bengali Movie
Aparajita Ghosh Das

Atanu Ghosh usually works with a network of genius actors and actresses. He is working with Paoli Dam and Jishu Sengupta for the first time. Sharing his experience working with these aspiring actors, the director says, “Paoli is a very gifted actress and her conception is very clear. She can handle emotions very nicely and intelligently. She is an extremely talented dancer, too. There is a dance sequence in the film that she has performed brilliantly. I would say, she is coming out to be the one of the foremost heroines of sensible cinema.

Jishu is wonderful. I already knew that my experience with him was going to be extremely fruitful and I was right. The character Jishu played here does not express himself a lot. It was a difficult one. With all those limitations Jishu’s expressions were awesome. Everyone has said that he is magnificent in this role. He is an excellent person to work with in terms of discipline, dedication. I hope Jishu in ‘Tokhon Teyish’ leaves a deep impression like some of his recent films. I think he is going through an important changeover. “

‘Tokhon Teyish’ is an exploration of male fantasies and emotions and their changing forms in different of phases of life. The director who likes to dig deep inside human minds, interrelationships, emotions has a great supporting cast for his film.

“Rajatabha Dutta plays Sandipan, a character connected to the past of Mohini. He was not directly connected to Tamodeep, but their story strangely overlapped with Tamodeep’s. Rajatabha would be a revelation in this film. He has portrayed a very complicated character here. In mainstream commercial cinema, we have always seen this brilliant actor in negative roles. I think in ‘Tokhon Teyish’ the character of Sandipan should have a lasting impression on viewers. Rajatabha is not cast in a negative role here,” says the director.

The film is loaded with a suspense element all throughout, though it is not in any crime detection sense. It is actor Neel Mukherjee who brings in all the fun in the drama. He plays a doctor here and is one of the very few friends Tamodeep has. “Neel’s character carries the humorous aspects. He is a carefree, pleasing person who is in love with a girl who happens to be a nurse (Sahana Sen). This character is important not only because of his closeness to Tamodeep but also because he has a very interesting philosophy in the story,” explains Atanu.

Talented actor Biplab Chattopadhyay plays the role of a doctor, a man who Tamodeep looks up to.

Atanu says it is always a learning experience for him to work with veteran actors. “In the film Biplab da has a long passage: he has come to examine a patient, does lot of things. All along he has a conversation with his patient in the middle of which a nurse enters. The actress in the nurse’s role asked at what point she would come in. Biplab da told her that she could come in any time she felt comfortable.

“An actor can do this only when he has the maximum level of confidence. Because he had to pause his dialogues there, attend the nurse and get back to where he was. We took a couple of retakes for some other reasons, but Biplab da was comfortable all along. He did not have a problem picking up from there. It is a great experience for me to work with an actor who is like a juggler, so much confident with his lines and everything.”

For Atanu an exploration of cinematic form is very important and that is what he has ventured into with ‘Tokhon Teyish’.

“Just like we have not had many movies on male fantasies in Bengali cinema, we have not seen this form of editing in Bengali films, either. Cinematographer Soumik Haldar had a difficult job to do here since we were working with a new form.

Sujoy Dutta Ray’s editing is another important point of this film, since it has contributed so much to this form. I would emphasize a bit more on editing because this is Sujoy’s best work so far. Soumik has recently worked in other important films like ‘Sob Choritro Kalponik’, ‘Autograph’,” says the filmmaker.

Unlike his previous film ‘Angushumaner Chhobi’ that was rich with numbers, ‘Tokhon Teyish’ has just one song, ‘Tumi Gao Tumi Gao Go.’ Jayati Chakrabarty has lent voice to the Atulprasadi song.

Suchandra Chowdhury, the lyricist of many of Atanu Ghosh’ films, has created the wardrobe for ‘Tokhon Teyish’ while Aniruddha Chakladar is the stylist.

-Shrabanti Basu

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