Tok Jhal Misti (2004) – Ferdaus – Priyanka Tribedi Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online

Tok Jhal Misti (2004) – Ferdaus – Priyanka Tribedi Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online
Life is Saur – Life is Sweet
Direction: Basu chatterjee
Cinematography: Basu chatterjee, Jayashree Roy
Story: – Umanath Bhattacharya
Screen Play: Keka chatterjee

Music Direction: Tabun Sutradhar
Lyric: Rabindranath Tagore( Bhalobasi Bhalobasi; Amar Praner Pore Chole Gelo Ke), Mukul Dutta
Playback Singers: Kabita Krishnamurty, Sadhana Sargam
Cast: Arjun Chakrabarty, Ferdaus, Priyanka Tribedi and more…..

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8 thoughts on “Tok Jhal Misti (2004) – Ferdaus – Priyanka Tribedi Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online

  1. When I watched this movie for the first time, I was spellbound. It was so refreshing… The heroine Priyanka Trvedi so beautiful… Also liked her natural acting. The hero, Firdaus also was very lovely. The plot, situational comedy, direction, music – it scored in all accounts. Afterwards, I have watched this movie many times, but never become bored. It is really a movie to be seen again and again. Thanks to all the actors, technicians, directors and all who presented to us such an enjoyable piece of entertainment.

  2. Ya Prodip,
    Basu chatterjee makes small things very special. I also loved this movie. I am not too much of a bog fan of Ferdous, but he is much better than many Calcutta Heros. Priyanka Tribedi is simply awesome. Lovely, cute.. I love her smile. Too nice..Hoping to find a number for her. So that we can ask for an interview.

  3. all the parts of this movie is not playing automatically as stated on top of the video…..also i cannot get all the parts….so how do i watch this good movie(tok jhal mishti)?????

  4. This movie runs sequentially and doesn’t need any back up to keep going on………that’s great!basically i am lovin it and a good fan of Priyanka and Ferdous.May i know the other movie name which is also acted by both of them except Hotaht Bristi. I forget the name of that movie but is another example simple ongoing natural movie….So i request to have the name of that movie plz(if posb in my mail) and plz plz upload it as soon as posb.

  5. How sweet and natural actress Priyanka is! I am surprised, how she lost in the south India (Kannada!). I am Bangladeshi residing in Canada but I watched a couple of Bengali movies of her. When I get some free time, I watch Hatath Brishti, Tak Jhal Mishti, Sangee … (on youtube). I just got graduated from the University, that time Hatath Brishti released (1998). Then after 12 years, I am watching her movies. I am looking her official contact (email) so that I can send her a praising letter. I am wondering, anyone knows her official contact.


  6. Indeed a Great Movie! Very very Sweet, Rrefreshing and Enjoyable! Watched it yesterday for the 1st time and Loved it immediately! Very nice performance by the whole cast specially Priyanka and Ferdaus!!

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