Toddlers at EuroKids celebrate Janmashtami in Kolkata

Kolkata, Sept 1 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Toddlers at pre-school education provider EuroKids celebrated Janmashtami (birthday of Lord Krishna) with great fervor.

The kids were full of liveliness and zest as they celebrated this auspicious occasion at their Kolkata branch on Wednesday.

To flag off the festivities, the entire school was decorated based on the theme of Janmashtami, with traditional music played at the background.

All the teachers and the students were dressed in traditional attire. Amidst loud cheering and shouts of glee from the children, the teachers gathered all their might to break the pre-made Handi.

To keep the merriment going, the teachers distributed handmade flutes with goodies to the kids. The delighted kids ran about laughing and cheering.

Speaking on the occasion, Sujata Bhartia said, “At EuroKids we believe in nurturing our children through both academic proficiency as well as cultural activities. This presents a perfect occasion to teach the children about the rich heritage of their culture. We are happy to be able to give the kids an opportunity for fun and games at the same time seeding in important values.”

Both teachers and the kiddies looked very happy with the days’ festivities.

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