Thikana Rajpath (2010) Bengali Film Review

Thikana Rajpath is a 2010 Bengali Film directed by Kanoj Roy starring Debashree Roy, Indrani Haldar, Rajatabha Dutta and others. The film is based on a story of surrogate mother where a married couple paid their servent to have a baby.

Thikana Rajpath (2010) Bengali Film Review

Thikana Rajpoth Bengali Film
Thikana Rajpoth Bengali Film

Thikana Rajpath is a 2010 Bengali Film directed by Kanoj Roy starring Debashree Roy, Indrani Haldar, Rajatabha Dutta and others. The film is based on a story of surrogate mother where a married couple paid their servent to have a baby.

  • Genre: Family Rating: U/A
  • Banner: Sandstone Communications
  • Producers: Sumay Banerjee and Alokesh Mitra
  • Story, screenplay and direction: Konoj Das
  • D.O.P.: Sudipto Sengupta
  • Music: Alokesh Mitra
  • Editor: Bapi Kanjilal
  • Art Direction: Sasanka Sanyal
  • Cast: Debasree Roy, Debesh Roychoudhury, Indrani Halder, Rajatava Dutta, Anu Chowdhury, Firdaus, Biswajit Chakraborty, Arun Banerjee, Paran Banerjee, Anamika Saha, Romen Roychowdhury and Pratim Chatterjee
  • Rating: 7/10
  • Date of release: January 8, 2010


by Shoma A. Chatterji

Thikana Rajpath Debasree and Rajatava Dutta
Thikana Rajpath Debasree and Rajatava Dutta

Padma works as a daily help in Monisha and Rathin’s home. Her husband Madhab plies a cycle rickshaw and the couple has three kids. Monish and Rathin have no kids even seven years after marriage. Arun is a young man dedicated to educating and feeding children from the neighbourhood slum. Mala is a very poor girl who tries to make a living out of begging with a baby hired at 20/day at the bus terminus. Champa, with two small kids but no husband is forced to sleep with Bipin, a middleman who makes money by exploiting the poor in the slums in different ways. Mala is in love with Arun but he knows of her links with the notorious Bipin Babu and does not respond.

This forms a collage of characters in a Kolkata neighbourhood. Monisha’s otherwise happy marriage is constantly scarred by the pain of childlessness. Learning of surrogacy from a newspaper ad, she persuades Rathin to father a child by another woman. She chooses Padma who agrees after discussing with her husband because the rich couple promises them a big sum and all costs borne. By a strange irony, Monisha gets pregnant and the couple leaves for a neighbouring town where Rathin’s parents live. They forget all about Padma, her pregnancy and their promise made to her. The poor Padma and her husband fall on bad days. But as destiny would have it, Monisha loses her baby. The doctor declares she will never be able to bear a child again. The diabolic Rathin rushes to Padma with a suitcase-full of money. Madhab is thrilled but Padma is not. A frustrated Madhab gets dead drunk, burns his rickshaw and beats up his wife. Rathin appears once again, with Monisha in tow and this time, they bring much more money than promised. Monisha appeals to Padma to give her the child. Padma gives her the child but staunchly refuses the money.

Thikana Rajpath Anu Choudhury
Thikana Rajpath Anu Choudhury

Few filmmakers pay close attention to ambient sound in their films. Konoj Sen is an exception. One can hear the sound of the running trains against the backdrop of Padma’s slum home. The loud honk of bus horns, rushing traffic at peak hours, constantly dot the narrative as the film moves along its journey reminding viewers of the commonplace neighbourhood . Minute details are noteworthy. One is the slight change in the attitude of Madhav when he looks at Padma at work after he has agreed to impregnate her. The other is a scene at the hospital where, in the background, we see a waiting patient holding his stomach, bent double in pain. It is a small detail but an observant one.

Biswajit Chakraborty as the paan-chewing, two-timing middleman is brilliant. Rajatava comes out of his villain image to do a more sober role grounded in reality and does it very well. Indrani  Halder as Moneesha, Debasree Roy as Padma and Debesh Rouychowdhury as Madhab are very expressive and always in control. The surprise package is Anu Choudhury as Mala who, coming out of the doll-like glamour image she was given in Rajmahal some years ago is completely different, down-to-earth and real. Alternating between light flirtations, desperation, anxiety and subtlety, she justifies the director’s choice. The only dream scene does not quite belong but the lyrics that say, ‘let us put the straws and sticks of our lives together and burn them all’ are really good. Firdaus should get on that trimming machine to convince as the do-good teacher without money. He has put on too much weight. His diction does not have an accent any more. The songs, mainly used on the soundtrack, are good and are sparsely used. The closing scene showing Monisha and Rathin ride away in their white car with their baby with a little boy running after it and the camera moving back slowly is apt. Some of the dialogues are hard-hitting and scathing.

Questions. Can a woman really get pregnant with one sexual encounter specially when there is so much of class difference and when the union is a manipulated one? Will a modern and educated woman like Monisha bend down under in-law pressures to beget that male heir? Last but never the least, is it politically appropriate for a Minister of the state of WB to keep appearing in film after film as Pratim Chatterjee is doing? This is indeed a sad reflection on why the state is in the state we find it in.

[ReviewAZON asin=”0520252047″ display=”inlinepost”] Thikana Rajpath is perhaps the first Bengali film that tackles surrogate motherhood. A sad pointer is that Indrani as Monisha, an educated woman, pronounces the word ‘surrogate’ as ‘sarrowgate’ not once, but several times. The film is important because it crusades for the sustenance of values like honesty where greed has no place and short cuts to make money are not the best way, whatever the pressures or circumstance. It also points out how, within the existing system, the real villain (Bipin) escapes the clutches of the law while Anu, bent double under the pressure of running an impoverished family, lands in jail for stealing Champa’s baby. The poor are not necessarily avaricious, is the bottom line.

136/2, Bidhan Sarani, Shyambazar
Show Times:
3pm, 5.45pm, 8.30pm

38 Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road
Show Times:
3pm, 5.45pm, 8.30pm

10A, M G Road, Amhearst Street
Show Times:
3pm, 5.45pm, 8.30pm

15, Sourin Roy Road, Behala
Show Times:
2pm, 5pm, 8pm

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21 thoughts on “Thikana Rajpath (2010) Bengali Film Review

  1. Thikana Rajpath is a very good movie with deboshree roy’s lovely position. Rjatava is such strong actor that he is playing in mainstream bengali movies as the villain where as at the same period in an off stream movie like Thikana Rajpath, he has presented a middleclass husband extremely nicely.


  2. firdaus is as sweet as ever and his presence in a movie brings fresh feelings.
    thanks to the movie for bringing firdaus in bengal screen.


  3. We feel thikana rajpath is little ahead to time. Is bengal ready for this type of a bold and candid film on surrogate motherhood. My thnaks to the director and producers sumay banerjee and alokesh mitro for choosing such a subject.Very good casting but direction is below par.

  4. Lovely film and theme, but slow. Direction not OK. But thanks to director Kanoj and producer Sumay for writing this type of uncenventional story and casting Firdous and Debashree. Film is ahead of time in Calcutta definitely.

  5. Surely a movie ahead of time. Saw the movie last week in Sony 8. Was little sceptical seeing new banner new maker and unknown director. Lovely & innovative casting and outside normal tollywood mould. Special thanks to the writer & producer Sumay and Cast(debashree, INdrani,Rajatava) Firdous was drag and should not be there.

  6. Too bold and direct for Calcutta. Saw the film in Ch 8.Interesting story & good casting but below avarage direction(srry no offence). Good work by the new producer 7 occasional writer aokesh and Sumay. Still a long way to go as alternative film , but definitely on e of the best films this year 2010.

  7. This film should get 9 out of 10. desreves a much better crowd and critic response. Waiting for an interview and write up on this two young film maker and producers Sumay Banerjee with Alokesh Mitro.

  8. Some wrong information by Soma, pls correct them – the editor in Mr Moloy Banerjee.
    Anyway a good attempt by the new Producers Mr Alokesh Mitro and Mr Sumay Banerjee. Our Kudos from patrons for attempting something new and different. Surely stands out in this year 2010.
    [ PLs Note: very poor reporting from the jurnalist Ms Chatterjee. Please go a little deep to write on something. ]

  9. Inspite of understanding little bengali have seen few bengali films. Definitely this one stands out. I know the producer and film mkaer named Sumay and have few financial articles of his some time back. Sumay is a person with guts and who thinks differently. Incidentally he is a banker and finance person also.Was quite surprised to see a film from him.
    Check out this film, specially girls.

  10. I recommend the film in a big way.The music is out of the way. Have read few wroks of Sumay Banerjee , but this theme and movie is truly good one.Just came to know he is to banking ! some truly unconventional combination.

  11. This is probably one of the best on surrogate motherhood.Finally watched the film in sony8 channel: twice. Had Read about the new film maker and banker Sumay. Was quite surprised about the combinations and the film. REcomend this for young guys & gilrs.

  12. Would agree with Tista. This is probably one of the best unconventional and simple films of 2010. The cast and acting was very good. Inspite of being new comers I would rate Mr Alokesh and Sumay highly.

  13. Have seen very few bengali films, but Thikana Rajpath some how stands out.Nice acting by the Debashree & Rajatava and music by Alokes.
    Had read few articles of Sumay Banerjee the young writer and now a producer. His works are interesting as always.A must watch for wemen of all ages.

  14. The write up by our film journalist is just ok. But a lot of wrong facts, since i happen to watch the film twice. I really liked the movie and advice that bengali films should be made in bengali way. we dont need to copy hindi or telegu movies.The film was very well planned by the two young makers alokesh and sumay. On digging deep i came to know the new kids also write and make otheir own music.

  15. Agree with prena, thikana rajpath deserves much better review and write up by on line journalist and film critics. The crwds liked it and it has its own fan following. Good work by the young film maker – sumay banerjee and brillinat acting by Deabshree, INdrani, Biwajeet, Anu and Debesh. Debesh should have the best supporting actor for thikana rajpath.

  16. The review of this film should have been better with some correct facts. Like the director is Kanoj Das & not sen. But aver all the movie is good and leaves you thinking about human priorities and motherhood as a whole. I dont know about the new producer makers Sumay but this is one of the best films in 2010 and maybe in last of years.

  17. Absolutely rigt, whole heartedly agree with Sonali. This is probably the best unconventional film of 2010 along with Autgraph Prosenjit starrer. Debesh, Rajatava & Debashree was amazing.The new kid writer and film maker Sumay and his partner has truly done a outsnading job in thikana rajpath

  18. Liked casting, Debsashree and the film. A very simple way of tellinga complex story and theme like Surrogacy. Seems 2010 has gifted Tollywood with new generation film makers like sreejit [utograph ] and Sumay [Thikana rajpath]

  19. SAy this film again this week in Sony Bangla channel. A nice concept and simple but pwerfull story. (First I thought this one to be an hot adult film)This is must watch for CAlcutta & Indian women/girls. I wonder why this was not a commercial blockbuster. Thanks for kind of bold film to Alokesh Mitra, Kanuj Das and Sumay Banerjee. When is the next one?

  20. What a film agree with the group. Probably one of the top three films of 2010 Thika Rajpath stands out with Autograph. We are going back to Tollywood again.

  21. Agree with Rajarshi fully. Nice chotto film and oshadharon casting. Firdaus , Debashree, Rajatava and specially Debesh was very good.Our special thanks also to the young writer and film maker Sumay and music director alokesh for this bold film on surrogate motherhood. Dil maange more from Sumay, Alokeh team.

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