"There was no point clarifying"- Shahid Kapoor


Joginder Tuteja

After months of silence, Shahid Kapoor feels that enough is enough. He has decided to put an end over the controversy surrounding his personal and professional equation with friend and film maker Ken Ghosh who has directed him in Chance Pe Dance. Making a strong statement against all the speculations, grapevine, idle talks and hearsay, Shahid has come down heavily on the rumours with his comment – ‘aal izzz well’!

"When working on any assignment, who doesn’t have an argument or a debate? Now you may chose to call it a fight, battle or a war at your own will but the fact remains that in any creative assignment, there are bound to be different point of views. Don’t you too get into situations when you have an idea different from your colleagues,” says Shahid who is obviously sounding irritated with repeated talks about issues with his directors.

Since the two of them were sharing such great personal equations, why didn’t he step out in defence when rumour mongers were having a field day spreading stories around their conflict. Since Chance Pe Dance has been in news for many months now, there were nasty talks all over the print as well as internet media.

"Really, there was no point clarifying my stance over Ken issue," says Shahid, "I was anyways out of India for a long duration shooting for my next film with Parmeet Sethi. Yes, such tid-bits did reach my ears on an on and off basis but as long as Ken and me were clear about our stance, we chose to ignore such talks.”

But doesn’t he feel that his positive statement at the right time could have helped douse fire. "What’s the point in justifying and further igniting the so called issue when people have already made up mind what to write," questions Shahid in an exasperated tone. "While I chose to be quiet all this while, I think now is the right time for people to know that it was all a non-issue to begin with and things were and are perfectly fine between us."

Starring Genelia D’Souza as the leading lady, Chance Pe Dance is a UTV Motion Pictures production and is enjoying a solo release this Friday.

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