Theater and TV actor Gautam Dey on dramas, daily soaps and more-Interview

Gautam Dey-Bengali Actor-Bengali Television and Theater
Gautam Dey-TV Actor and Theater Personality

September 3, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): Popular TV and theatre actor Gautam Dey started his acting career with Bengali theatre in 1980. The talented actor worked in Bengali TV serials like Janmabhoomi, Tithir Atithi, Dhyet Terika, E Kon Sokal, Labonyer Sonsar, Khunje Berai Kachher Manush and many more.

“My debut Bengali play was ‘Shrimati Bhayankari’ that had Rabi Ghosh, Basabi Nandi, Shekhar Chattopadhyay in the cast. I have been a theatre actor for fifteen years before I started doing TV serials. I started acting out of passion. At that time, I worked in a bank, too. Then I quit. Now I am an actor by profession. I do television soaps on a regular basis and am also continuing with plays out of sheer love for the medium.

“No, I have not done group theatre. Therefore, I have not faced any obstacles in doing theatre as such. It requires of lot resources and their proper manifestations to organize a play when you have a group.”

Gautam Dey was introduced to the Bengali television with Indor Sen’s ‘Bichitra Chadanta’, based on the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes cases. Another important work of the actor was Meenakshi Goswami’s ‘Kolkatar Kachhe.’

“It just feels so good in this profession and be able to act. However, there are certain things that are not so good, especially in TV serials. There is a ‘sweating and waiting’ thing when you shoot for serials. A TV actor would know what I mean. There are instances where in the middle a serial an actor may run out of date or quit and the show may lose track, popularity. Then you are always under the pressure of getting enough TRPs. Else a show might go off air. These things happen a lot in TV serials.  It becomes quite difficult to deal with at times.

Manisha Adak-Gautam De
Gautam De with theatre actor Manisha Adak

“But it is a part of the whole thing. And I guess every profession has issues associated with it that are not so good. And you have to bear things like that. Like we sometimes go through a bit of nervousness before acting on stage. But I have to accept it, esp. when I have chosen the path on my own.  I was not obligated to come into this profession.”

Gautam Dey who has appeared in so many different roles in career span of about three decades, says that he is still waiting for a role that he could call the most precious one.

“I haven’t got the role that I can call my best. That is something yet to happen. I do not have a prominent idea about any dream roles either. Maybe, when I do a role, act it out, I will find my dream role. It may be the result of my association with the character and being a part of the whole process.”

Some of De’s important theatre works are ‘Shabash Petopanchu’, ‘Dampati’, ‘Baishakhi Jhor’ staged in theatres like Rangana, BiswaRupa, Rang Mahal, Sarcarina, Bijan Theatre.

The actor who has been seen in a wide variety of characters in all these years says, “I like to do comedy. However, it does not mean that I do not like serious roles. It is just that comedy is something I truly enjoy. It is a genre that has to be handled very delicately. Timing is very important there. Comedy is basically an asymmetry and an actor has to have very precise timing. You have to know how to bring in the asymmetry, about the situations you are in. Timing, pause, gap, everything becomes so important. Don’t think that other genres cannot be delicate.”

The actor equally brilliant in TV soaps and on stage shares his views working in the two mediums. “The two mediums are different and you have to be different. On stage you have more ‘loud’ to reach out to the audience. In films, you can be more ‘subtle’. You have to be careful and aware of the medium you are working in so that you become convincing to your viewers.”

The actor has shared stage with stalwarts like Rabi Ghosh, Soma Dey, Manoj Mitra, Dulal Lahiri, Dilip Ray, Lily Chakrabarty, Arun Banerjee, Shubhendu Chattopadhyay, Saswata Chattopadhyay has not been much explored in the cinema, however.

Dey holds lack of offers his reason for not being into Bengali cinema much. “I am personally open to doing films. But I have not got many offers. I will act in films if approached,” says the actor.

-Shrabanti Basu

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