The Woman I Was Born To Be: autobiography of Susan Boyle

London, Oct 22 (Calcutta Tube) Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has opened up about the bullies and psychological trauma she had to undergo during her teenage days.

Boyle has talked about her school days in autobiography ‘The Woman I Was Born To Be’, reports

‘There was name calling, burning my clothes with a cigarette and trying to trip me up – stuff like that,’ said Boyle.

‘That was physical, but the most hurtful was the psychological things – name calling, repeated name calling… they weren’t very nice. It made me feel as if nobody loved me,’ she added.

But Boyle wouldn’t always let her teen tormentors get to her. ‘I used to chase after them,’ she said.

In April 2009, a modest middle-aged woman from a village in Scotland was catapulted to global fame when the YouTube video of her audition for Britain’s Got Talent touched the hearts of millions all over the world. From singing karaoke in local pubs to a live performance with an eighty-piece orchestra in Japan’s legendary Budokan Arena and a record-breaking debut album, Susan Boyle has become an international superstar. This astonishing transformation has not always been easy for her, faced with all the trappings of celebrity, but in the whirlwind of attention and expectation, she has always found calm and clarity in music. Susan was born to sing. Now, for the first time, she tells the story of her life and the challenges she has struggled to overcome with faith, fortitude, and an unfailing sense of humor.

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