The Taste of Relation (2009)-Actor Filmmaker Mukesh Asopa talks about his film

Mukesh Asopa
Mukesh Asopa

May 17, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): The Taste Of Relation is a 2009 film directed by Mukesh Asopa. The film starring Mukesh Asopa, Kamanl Nandi, Aruna Bhatnagar, Shwetalina Tripathy in lead roles will be screened at the Cyprus International Film Festival in 2010 October. The film is highly (9/10) at Read the exclusive interview with Mukesh at CalcuttaTube.

Calcutta Tube: What was the inspiration of ‘The Taste Of Relation’? What is the backdrop of the film?
Mukesh Asopa: We see different tastes of relations at different points of life. Some are sweet, some salty, some sour and some very bitter. There is fun, love, emotions, sacrifice, death and lots more. There is one truth, “A service to mankind can be the gift for your life”.

Calcutta Tube: The film was made in Hindi in Canada. How difficult is it to make a Hindi movie in Canada?
Mukesh Asopa: It is not easy to make a Hindi film in Canada and specially when kids to Indian parents do not speak Hindi. We were lucky to get a few very talented actors to add to the cast of the film. They were all very good and perfect in their roles.

Aruna Bhatnagar-Lead Actress
Aruna Bhatnagar-Lead Actress

Calcutta Tube: Who is the film targeted to, since the language is Hindi?
Mukesh Asopa: The film is doing very good in North America, the audience response is great. English subtitles have made it much easier for the English speaking audience to understand the movie. The film is also doing very well in the different film festivals worldwide and is now available on DVD too.

Calcutta Tube:  The film won many awards in different film festivals in India and abroad. Was the film released in theatres? Have you thought of the theatrical release of the film in North America and India?
Mukesh Asopa: Winning awards in film festivals was an important achievement for my film as it distinguished the movie from other theatrical films that got very bad reviews and are done with noone even remembering them anymore as their sole objective was to make money rather than making good films. A good film gets selected in film festivals for screenings and receives awards before it gets theatrically released.

Swetalina Tripathy-Lead Actress
Swetalina Tripathy-Lead Actress

‘The Taste Of Relation’ was premiered in theatre at the INOX at the Global Cinema Film Festival held in India in 2009 along with films of respected Indian cinema personalities like Satyajit Ray, Raj Kapoor, and Rajnikanth. The film got very good reveiws from the Indian audience and is referred to on the IMDB.
It will also be screened at the Cyprus International Film Festival in October, 2010 as well as, in some other film festivals in North America which will be updated from time to time.

Theatrical release like other commercial films has not been done yet, though we are looking forward to that. We would love to hear from theatrical distributors especially in the Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The Taste Of Relation is already released on DVDs in North America.

Mukesh Asopa-Lead Actor
Mukesh Asopa-Lead Actor

Calcutta Tube:  You have donned so many different hats (director, producer, actor) in the film ‘The Taste Of Relation’. How difficult was that? What do you think you are best at?
Mukesh Asopa:
Taking up the responsibility of dong so many things was very challenging indeed. But I had a good and cooperative crew and cast who always supported me.

Speaking of what I am best at, I would say acting. And why not? Since, I am a student of the ‘acting guru of India’ Mr. Barry John. But again, there are still lots of things that I learn everyday from all the different roles I perform.

As a director and producer, I discovered that I was good at managing the whole show which became very hectic from time to time.


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