The story of Katrina Kaif and Catreena-a 15-day old leopard


A 15-day old leopard was found near Devankhedi village near Bhopal on January 22nd and was rescued by Van Vihar national park’s team. The cub was named Katrina because the villagers thought she was as beautiful and silky as Katrina Kaif.

Katrina learnt about this and expressed her desire to adopt the cub. This was confirmed by Van Vihar’s assistant director AK Khare. He stated that she called him up on Friday afternoon and wanted to adopt the cub. However, he points out that the name of the cub, which is presently housed in their zoo, is spelt Catreena.

According to Khare, Katrina will have to pay Rs. 50, 000 annually for the leopard and fill up a form and sign it. He asserts that he has informed them of the entire procedure but is yet to hear from them.

-Sampurn Wire

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