The shocking truth about TV Actor Narayan is disclosed!

As known that Yudhishter (Kapil Nirmal) has made a comeback in ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat’ as Narayan but the fact of Narayan being Yudi and not a look alike was not known to family members. Thus, in the coming episodes many twist and turns are about to take place in the show about the truth of Narayan.

If sources are to be believed, “Soon, the curtain on the identity of Yudhishter being Narayan and not his look alike will be revealed in front of all family members. This development will set everything straight. Even though Angad (Ali Merchant) knows everything and had blown the whistle on Yudi in front of everyone, but he won’t be trusted due to lack of evidence. But the truth will come out in the open eventually.”

When contacted Kapil, he confirms, “Yes, very soon the truth will come in front of all that Narayan is in fact Yudi and not his look alike. With that all the reasons will come out that why and how Yudi planned this track. The shoot for the track has not yet started as now the show is concentrating on Rani (Anjali Abrol) and Angad’s sequence.”

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Wire

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