The Proposal (2009) English Movie

The Proposal is a wonderful comedy with an wonderful story between a lady boss with her secretary. Check out the reviews and get DVD deals online, Pre-order today.

The Proposal (2009) Hollywood English Movie Review
The Proposal is a wonderful comedy with an wonderful story between a lady boss with her secretary. Check out the reviews and get DVD deals online, Pre-order today.

The Proposal DVD release
The Proposal DVD release

Starring:     Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Betty White
Director(s):     Anne Fletcher

The Proposal (2009)-The love story begins after the proposal-Exclusive Review by CalcuttaTube

‘The Proposal’ is a comedy and family drama by Anne Fletcher, that also slightly hints the immigration issues in a humor way. The plain and simple story, told with dignity and grace, will appeal a wider range of audience, undoubtedly.


Margaret Tate  (Sandra Bullock) is an editor at a posh publishing house in NY and Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) is her assistant. Everyone in the office hates Margaret for being over reactive and bossy with the subordinates. They call her names, sends sms indicating her moves, and tries not to confront her whenever possible. Margaret is very apt at firing employees for the smallest reasons. The morning she fires a man named Bob (Aasif Mandvi), she comes to know that her visa has been rejected and she has to go back to Canada. Margaret tries to convince her bosses that she is not even an immigrant in the USA, she is just from Canada. But whatever her logics are, it does not help the immigration paper works. And the only person who could handle the immigration issues aptly was Bob, whom she just fired! She instantaneously comes up with the idea of marrying Andrew so that she can make her stay in the USA legal. And without any prior knowledge of Andrew, she announces that she has been having an affair with Andrew and now they are going to see his family this weekend and arrange for their wedding. Andrew almost gets choked!

Then they go to the immigration office to see the immigration officer Mr. Gilbertson (Denis O’Hare), who tells them that both of them will be interrogated about this marriage, and if they find any discrepancies in their statement, the foreigner will be deported and the other will be sent to prison. Margaret is desperate about staying in the US, and Andrew accepts this offer of his boss’s in exchange of his promotion as an editor and publish a manuscript of his that otherwise Margaret would never have done. But he makes Margaret beg him on her knees to marry her in the middle of the busy New York streets.

And off they go to Alaska to meet Andrew’s parents to give their false relationship a true look. Andrew’s mom Grace Paxton (Mary Steenburgen) and grandmother Annie (Betty White) whom he calls gammy have come to receive them. After landing in a town named Sitka, Margaret realizes how wrong she has been in her ideas about Andrew. She always had the notion that his secretary Andrew Paxton, must be a needy young man who has to put up with her to earn a living. As they drive down the streets of Sitka, Margaret sees that the Paxtons own most the businesses in town. And to go to the Paxtons’ place in a small island on the other side of the lake, they have private boats. It was not a few hours back, when Margaret told Andrew that she lives in the posh area of the city, and Andrew may be in a stingy apartment. Andrew being a modest guy, never protested.

Andrew and Margaret come closer to each other during their stay in Sitka. Andrew has a loving nice family, but he and his father Joe Paxton (Grace T. Nelson) kind of avoid each other. Grace Paxton and gammy try to bring them together. Grace thinks it is Joe who is responsible for Andrew living outside their house. And if he continues to be so difficult with his grown-up son, she would lose him for ever. Grace and gammy are excited about Andrew marrying Margaret, but his dad does not seem to. The ladies continue to make Margaret feel more welcome to the family. At gammy’s birthday party, the official engagement of the couple is announced among friends. Gammy asks Andrew to give his bride a real kiss in front of everyone. Margaret also meets a bright young lady named Gertrude (Malin Akerman), whom Andrew used to date when they were in college. They broke up with Andrew when he decided to leave Alaska. She says she has never been outside the small town before, and it was her home that she could not possibly leave. But now they do have nothing but friendship.

The Paxton ladies let Margaret and Andrew spend their weekend together in the same room, since they were sure that the couple were leaving together in the city and Gammy gives them a special blanket that she calls the baby maker. Margaret carefully keeps it aside, since they do not need that. They sleep in the same room, but not together. Andrew lies on the floor, and Margaret on the huge soft bed with piles of pillows and a remote control. by the side of her bed to adjust the curtains. The arrangements in the Paxton place are that gorgeous. But whenever someone knocks at the door with a breakfast for them at bed, Andrew jumps on the bed beside Margaret.

The weekend for Margaret turns out to be quite some trip. They take Margaret to their best hang-out spots in Sitka, where she meets Ramone (Oscar Nunez), who is multi-tasking resident of Sitka. The town would come to a standstill without his services. He is a bar-tender at the special women’s club, where he also amuses the elite women as a male-stripper, and apart from that he keeps the shop and renders the service of a clergyman. Margaret turns speechless at his omnipresent personality.

One morning when Margaret talks on her cellphone out in the lawn, an eagle swoops down and take the pet dog away. When she runs after the eagle to save him, it drops the dog down and snatches her cell instead. Margaret has always been a little uneasy with this dog. One evening after she comes out of the shower without anything on, she runs into Andrew who was also naked. She also joins gammy in a dance in the woods chanting some mumbo-jumbo, which is gammy’s way to show respect to the mother nature.

After the first few bitter hours are over, they become friends and start falling in love. At night, they start talking about their preferences and likings, when they discover they both like the same band. As more hours pass by, they become more honest to each other. Andrew tells Margaret how pretty she is, and she confesses that she has not published his manuscript not to lose him as her secretary. She also tells about her life after losing her parents at a very young age. She has not known for so many years what a family is like, till now.

One morning Gammy and Grace tell them to marry this weekend at Sitka. Gammy gives Margaret her wedding dress that her great grandmother made for her and the necklace that has been in the family for several generations, which makes her feel guilty. And in between all this, the immigration officer comes in. Joe Paxton privately talks to him and his son and Margaret, but does not tell any of this to Grace and gammy. But Andrew denies being an accomplice of Margaret helping her stay in the country.

Margaret’s guilt has now started bothering her. In the wedding, she confesses her crime and leaves before taking vows. She leaves with Mr. Gilbertson who tells her that she has only 48 hours to leave. After they leave, gammy gets an heart-attack and they call an ambulance. In the ambulance, gammy makes Andrew and his dad give her word not to fight with each other. Once they promise gammy, she sits up straight declaring that the holy spirits are not ready to take her yet. It was a little acting she has done to restrain the father and the son from their usual cold fights. She also explains that Margaret has left only because she loves Andrew, and does not want to do him any harm. And now she heads to the airport instead of the hospital in the ambulance, since it is the fastest way to get there. But they cannot make the flight stop, not even with Andrew knowing some of the crew. So he rushes back to his office in NY where Margaret is packing her stuff. He proposes her to marry him, in front of the whole office. He also tells her that he hated her even a couple of days back, but now he loves her. With the proposal done, they all go back to the immigration officer Mr. Gilbertson.


  • Sandra Bullock is excellent in her tough and sturdy image of a careerist lady and strict boss.
  • Ryan Reynolds is brilliant as the shy and modest Andrew Paxton.
  • The other two characters that will keep your eyes glued towards them are Mary Steenburgen and Betty White as Grace Paxton and Grandma Annie alias gammy. Their natural acting makes them their family look real. They are both exceptionally pretty and sweet as your own mom and granny, which is a great achievement for the audience.
  • Oscar Nunez as Ramone startles you every time he comes on the screen.
  • Craig T. Nelson as Joe Paxton and Malin Akerman as Gertrude are simple and good, nothing special.

The Proposal has good humor all throughout the film. But a few of the scenes were not indispensible for the movie. The eagle taking away the dog and then wit the phone, leaving the dog is a bit too much. Also Sandra Bullock did not have to run naked putting hands across body was nothing necessary, too. And so are Ramone’s strip-teasing scenes. Gammy’s dancing in the woods with loud music is weird, but does not fall off the edge.

David O Hare is wonderful in portraying the Mr. Gilbertson, the over-confident immigration officer, who can drop in the right places in wrong times and amuses himself in getting people with cross-examination. He has the look like he loves his job.

The scenes at Alaska are superb, as always.

The story and the plot are nothing exceptional, but the presentation of them in the film is wonderful. It is a movie that would communicate with most of the grown-up audience.
Calcuttatube Rating: 4/5

Review by: CT Reported Shrabanti Basu from USA

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