The name is Malvade, Vidya Malvade! not Vidya Balan


If you think what’s in a name think again, as poor Vidya Malvade has been traumatized by the confusion of her name with the more popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan.

It so happened that the name game got too much for Vidya to handle when at the shoot of her recent film- Striker, Vidya was put down by none other than a flower delivery guy who thought that the bouquet of flowers meant for Vidya Malvade was actually for Vidya Balan!

Obviously Vidya who was used to receive a bouquet of flowers from her husband daily was outraged when the delivery guy refused to hand over the bouquet he thought was meant for Vidya Balan. The pretty lady had to frown a little bit to tell the delivery boy about the rightful owner of the bouquet, but ever since then it became a standard joke in the Striker crew.

And thereafter, the flower delivery guys were directed to Vidya’s room with the instruction to refer to her as Balan at least once!

-Sampurn Media

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