The lady behind Fashion’s fashion


If Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Mugdha Godse are leaving you breathless while watching Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion then there is one person, who needs to be given due credit and it is the film’s stylist Rita Dhody.

How challenging was it for her to do a film like Fashion which is based on the fashion industry? "The movie is not all about fashion. It is about people whose lives are involved. After the ramp their lives are as ordinary as everybody else. Once I took up the film a lot of questions came to my mind. I could not keep the fashions trend based in the film because the fashions had to be. I had to see that it does not get outdated even after three years. Finally it should appeal, understand and be inspirational to all sections of the society. My experience in the fashion industry for 25 years definitely came handy. My experience was my research." Rita tells us.

In the film, Rita had to give a hot supermodel look to the three main female leads. "I made the women, including newcomer Mugdha Godse, look like hot supermodels in the film. My experience in the fashion industry of 25 years definitely came handy. My experience was my research," she says.

Explaining further, Rita adds, "Priyanka’s look in the film goes through five subtle distinct phases. Her looks stars with the character Meghna Mathur, the small town girl. Then she becomes a model, that is her second look and then she becomes a super model which becomes her third look. The fourth look is when she starts losing and becomes edgy and doesn’t care any more about her looks and how finally when she comes back as a winner is her last final look."

Rita, runs a company, Ananda and has worked with almost all International brands like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana. "But unfortunately while working on Fashion I did not have much time on hand. Madhur called me and we just started. It was so hectic and there were the last minute changes to be handled. I have to style eleven shows in the movie" informs Rita.

Rita says designing Kangana’s look in the film was very exciting. "She’s absolutely brilliant. She’s a super model in the film and she’s effortless. She has done it with so much ease and great. She was already lean so we gave her short dresses with low necklines. We also used Kangana’s hair in an exotic manner. Mugdha Godse, had just one show in the film. She’s is the bindaas babe in the film and a B grade model." Rita tells us.

So is more of Bollywood on cards for Rita now after Fashion? "Now offers have begun pouring in but I am not taking up anything now. I just need to refresh which means I will start working next year until then it’s only Fashion for me." concludes Rita.   – (SAMPURN)

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