The Japanese Wife by Aparna Sen to be released in USA and Canada by Databazar Group

The most awaited Aparna Sen film “The Japanese Wife” is releasing in Kolkata on April 3rd, 2010.

The Japanese Wife
The Japanese Wife

March 28 (Calcutta Tube): The most awaited Aparna Sen film “The Japanese Wife” is releasing in Kolkata on April 9th, 2010.  Databazaar Media Ventures, the media arm of USA’s leading online printer supplies retailer, acquired the distribution rights of The Japanese Wife and will be releasing the film all over USA and Canada. Aparna Sen fans will be able to watch THE JAPANESE WIFE online using “video on demand” service from Amazon or Netfix too.  The release date for THE JAPANESE WIFE in USA and Canada will be announced soon. Watch the trailer of THE JAPANESE WIFE online.

  • Starring:    Rahul Bose, Moushami Chatterjee, Raima Sen
  • Screenplay By:    Aparna Sen
  • Directed By:    Aparna Sen
  • Produced By:    Saregama

Plot Outline: Based on a short story by Kunal Basu, The Japanese Wife is a film revolving around Snehmoy (Rahul Bose) and Miyage (Chigusa Takaku) who are pen friends who exchange wedding vows through letters.    Fifteen years pass but they never meet. Yet the bond of marriage is strong between them. This unusual relationship comes under a cloud when a young widow, Sandhya (Raima Sen), comes to stay with Snehmoy along with her eight-year-old son (Shagnik Choudhury). Snehmoy and the little boy bond and the arithmetic teacher discovers the joy of palpable bonds and fatherhood. There develops an inexplicable thread of understanding with Sandhya too.    The Japanese Wife is an unusual story of a love that endures across continents and cultures.

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