The Film Emotional Atyachar star Mohit Ahlawat hospitalised

Mumbai, Sep 2 (Calcutta Tube) Ram Gopal Varma‘s prize-discovery Mohit Ahlawat, who made an appearance in the just released ‘The Film Emotional Atyachar‘ after a gap, is not keeping well. The actor was hospitalized.

‘I think it is for some intestine or stomach problem. Too much work-out has taken its toll on him,’ said Akshay Shere who directed him in his debut film ‘…Emotional Atyachar’. Both of them go back a long way, to their days together in Varma’s production house.

The bout of ill health had deprived Mohit of the attention that his new film would have got him.

In the film, Mohit plays a businessman who meets some bizarre people.

The young gym-toned actor made his debut with Varma’s ‘James’ in 2005. He had the guts to tell his mentor in his face that his script for the remake of ‘Sholay‘ would never work and his guess was right.

But Mohit paid heavily for his outspokenness. He was banished not only from Varma’s production house, but also from Bollywood. Last heard, he had walked out of ‘Ghajini’ because he found his role of the cop too inconsequential.

Thereafter Mohit seemed to disappear from the face of earth. His phone number has changed and apparently he has gone back to his family business in Panipat and Delhi.

But now one sees him part of the ensemble cast in Shere’s ‘The Film Emotional Aatyachar‘.

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