‘The A-Team’ – A good adrenaline rush (IANS Film Review; Rating:***1/2)

Film: ‘The A-Team’; Director: Joe Carnahan; Cast: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Beil, Quinton Jackson, Sharlto Copley, Patrick Wilson; Rating:***1/2

It is often wrongly believed that action films need only have a few breathtaking action sequences. Yet, as we have often seen with films with great special effects and action, two missing ingredients spoil the fun – a decent story and good amount of wit. ‘The A-Team’ has a shortage of neither.

Based on a popular TV series of the 1980s, ‘The A-Team’ follows the exploits of four US soldiers who ‘specialise in the ridiculous’. You could call them the fantastic four of the US Army. Whenever there’s trouble that cannot be solved by official channels, or require out of the box working, the Alpha team is called into service.

The team survives one exploit after another until they are asked to retrieve a few plates used to make fake US currency. They succeed, only to see the general, the only man who knew about their mission, being blown to bits before them and the plates stolen once again.

The heroes’ fall from grace is complete as they are court-martialled and incarcerated in high security prison.

However, six months later when the same CIA operative who had given the intelligence on the currency plates, asks them for help, they escape and are back on the case, only this time totally outside the system and as fugitives on the run.

But that is hardly any headache for our heroes as they shoot, blast and bang their way from one tricky situation to another, and do it with panache, intelligence and wit.

‘The A-Team’ does not take itself too seriously, but has enough wit and action going to keep you glued to the edge of your seats. And on the way they perform some awe-inspiring stunts.

The story stays true to the popular series from the 80s with the only change being that instead of Vietnam, the soldiers are now stationed in Iraq. Those who have seen the series would simply adore this new avatar.

Liam Neeson as the head of the A-Team proves once again what a formidable acting talent he is. Like a potato that can be mixed with almost any dish, put Neeson in any kind of role and that man excels. The rest of the cast is reasonably good.

The music is loud, but then it’s not a film made to cater to your subtler senses. It is after all, an action film – loud, in your face and a lot of fun.

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