Tete-tete with Sukhwinder Singh


Churning chartbusters in midst of Jai Ho mania, Sukhwinder belts out electrifying tracks for Kamine, Luck and Sankat City. Singer gets candid in an interview and chats about his musical journey. 

On Kamine

Songs are very happening; it has style, melody and message in it. Vishalji gave me the composition, after learning the song I was so desperate to sing it. It will certainly become a rage. The funny part is; I didn’t know for which film it was being composed, I casually inquired about the name of film and he said Kaminey! I was taken aback but he soon clarified that it’s the name of the film.

On his association with Vishal Bhardwaj

He is a wonderful person to work with, he understands his artistes. He makes hot tracks with a cool mind.

On Sankat City

I lost touch with them and I have no idea on what song has been incorporated in the film or even if the title has been renamed.

On Jai ho

I had recorded Jai Ho in my studio. I had no idea that it was to be featured in an international film. It really does not matter for which medium we are singing.

On his favorites     

Earlier, I could not choose the best among my songs. But last year’s Fashion Ka Jalwa made me make-up my mind. I had never sung such-a stylish song up until Jalwa. Now, I begin my shows with Jalwa and the mood for the rest of the show automatically sets in. It has instilled a flirtatious quality in me. I have started flirting with girls on-stage while performing.

On AR Rehmaan

It is very important to approach the right people. Wohi gana mein leke dar dar bhatak raha tha kissi ne suna nai, AR Rahman heard two lines and the rest is known to all.

On success 

When I realised mera sangeet ke bina dil nahi lagta, for me it was success. I never had any intentions to break records; I only wanted to live with music.

For Reality shows

Initially reality shows had a great format, but now it has become just business. Once the artiste knows where he has to go and what he wants, fir kisi reality show ki jaroorat nahi hoti. Patthar ke jigar waalon, Gam mein wo ravani hai, Khud raah bana lega, Behta hua paani hai. One should devote time to decide whom to approach, because it’s not necessary that a popular person is genuine or a genuine person is popular.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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