Termites feasting on Gandhi books in his ashram

Gandhinagar, Feb 21 (IANS) Books on Mahatma Gandhi are an endangered lot in his own hermitage, the Sabarmati ashram in Ahmedabad. Over a hundred books on the Mahatma and some of his photographs were consigned to a fire last week after termites feasted on them.

‘What else do you expect if books are dumped in damp godowns and not brought out for airing or sunshine regularly,’ an ashram insider told IANS. The dampness seeping into the godown from an adjoining toilet is said to be the culprit.

Amrut Modi, the Sabarmati ashram chief, told reporters Saturday that during checking of books kept in the ashram godown, about a hundred books were found to have been damaged by termites.

‘We took them out and set them on fire along with some photographs which had been damaged beyond repair.

‘The rare books are all safe and well taken care of,’ he added.

There are over 3,000 books in the godown.

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