Tenant fined Rs.1 lakh for dragging on case for years

New Delhi, Feb 23 (IANS) The Delhi High Court Tuesday slapped a fine of Rs.1 lakh on a tenant of a property for dragging on the property dispute case for years together and not letting the owner use it.

Justice S.N.Dhingra, dismissing the plea of tenant S.S. Gupta, said: ‘The present petition is an effort to drag on the execution (of the order), which is pending for years. This case reflects how a person can successfully deprive the rightful owner of the fruits of his labour and property by dint of the fact that he has enough money to keep on challenging every order of the trial court or high court.’

‘The petitioner by this manner had succeeded in dragging the suit for more than two decades and now he is out to drag on the execution. The case is a sad commentary in the manner in which this judicial system entertains the frivolous petitions and proceedings are stayed by one court after another and the rightful person is deprived of his rights in the property and often the rights of his hard earned money,’ the court said, while slapping costs on the petitioner.

The owner, Himmat Singh, had died during the hearing of the case that has been going on since 1983.

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