Tele Stars wonder why is Ganpati immersed in water!


As we all know that after a long period of festivities for almost 10 days, our lord Ganesh is immersed in water. But very few know the reason for this deed. The actual reason for immersing the idol is because long ago in time, when there was no environment on earth, except water all around, lord Brahma Vishnu and Mahesha, the creators of the world, chanted the holy word “OM” and they spotted a banyan leaf in the ocean on which a little child was floating. Then they did “aradhana” to the small kid to create this world, later the child came to be known as Shree Ganesh.

So for the reason that he has been spotted in the ocean, we immerse the Ganpati idol in water, thinking he is returned back to his origin.

Now that is the real reason for immersing the idol of Lord Ganesh in the ocean. But let’s read on what our Telly stars have to say on the same:

Sneha Wagh: Earth is made up of water, so even if the material world is vanished, the thing that will always be there is oceans on earth, so the “astitva” of lord Ganesh should always be there on this earth. This is the reason for the immersion of lord Ganesh’s idol into oceans.

Karan Mehra: Lord Ganesh is immersed in ocean so that there won’t be any lack of water on this earth, bhagwan barish karte rahe.

Ratan Rajput: The reason for immersion is that lord Ganesh goes to meet his Mom-Parvati in the oceans.

Hiten Tejwani: People immerse the idol for the simple reason of getting new idol of Lord Ganesh next year, that’s what I think.

Ahem! Well we never said our TV celebs are a shining example of religious intelligence. Anyhow whatever the celeb’s says, but the time has come for all of us to say goodbye for now to our dear and friendly Lord Ganesh.

All we would like to say is… Ganapat bappa morya, pudchya varshi laukar ya!

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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