Tele Stars Reveal Naughty Secrets on Teachers’ Day


Teachers’ Day is a great opportunity to express your respect to your teachers and extend your gratitude to them, for making you what you are. We respect teachers as we respect our parents.

But sometimes likeness to a particular Sir or Madam develops into a secret crush… There must have been a few naughty students who had a secret crush on their teachers.

So on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, we catch up with our tele star as they reveal the crush on their teachers…

Ragini Khanna: No I liked all my teachers, especially my singing class teacher. I have always respected my teachers, as I was a very studious girl in my class. The remark, which I have ever had, was “Ragini is a hard working child.”

Sushant Singh Rajput: Yes! I had a crush on my mathematics teacher when I was in standard 4th and I still haven’t forgotten her. My favorite teacher is Sushmita Sen of Main Hoon Na

Dimple Jhangiani: No never “bakwas hain sab, maar khilvaoge kya.”

Abhishek Rawat: I don’t actually have any crush on any teacher because I don’t have such thoughts in my mind for my teachers. I always respected them.

Uhh… these stars seem to have a lot of secrets hidden in the dark. These memories are very precious and can’t be forgotten as teachers are always been near and dear to each and every student and that’s the reason why each and every one misses their school days. Isn’t it?

But for now we can just say, “Happy Teachers’ Day.”

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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