Tejaswini Tembhe made Documentary film “We shall overcome” on Gandhi at IFFI 2010

Panaji, December 5, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Non-violence, a strong instrument used by Mahatma Gandhi in today world needs to be practiced judiciously, said a Gujarat based filmmaker, on Saturday.

“Gandhiji was physically and emotionally very strong and this was the reason why people would believe in him when he spoke of non-violence. Non-violence needs to be preached judiciously,” Tejaswini Tembhe, producer of documentary ‘We shall overcome’ screened at IFFI 2010 said.

She stated that if the preached by a person ‘who is very weak’, no one will believe in it. “Gandhiji was very strong – physically and emotionally,” she added.

The 30-minute documentary is a part of Short Film Centre at IFFI 2010, after its screening at 1000-odd places including educational institutes. ‘We shall Overcome’, has seven officers acting in it who are currently serving Indian Air Force.

Tembhe said that the movie aims to spread the message that a proactive public in the long run will discourage and reduce the proliferation of terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.

Dr Bhagwato Ozha, 75, who played the role of a hostage in the movie said it was a difficult situation to shoot in the dusty location bearing 45 degree Celsius temperature.

“I was 74 years old when the documentary as being shot and I was running in the heat. Thanks to my earlier NCC training,” she said.

(Reporting by John Edwards)

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