Teenager slits father’s throat over video game

Rome, Jan 26 (RIA Novosti) A 16-year-old boy in Italy has slit the throat of his father after a dispute over a soccer video game.

The boy lost his temper after his father kept giving him advice on what moves to make while playing the FIFA Soccer 2009 playstation at their home in Turin, state-run media reported Monday.

‘I know how to play myself,’ snapped the teenager and swore at his father.

His enraged father then switched off the console without letting his son finish the match.

The boy then took a kitchen knife and stabbed his father in the neck. He then washed the knife and went to his bedroom.

His mother found her husband bleeding and called the ambulance and police. The man was in a critical condition, but survived.

The teenager admitted his guilt and was taken to a juvenile correctional facility.

Video games, which are primarily aimed and marketed for children and young adults, have long been studied for links to addiction and aggression.

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