Teenager killed while racing on motorcycle

New Delhi, Feb 23 (IANS) An 18-year-old boy was crushed under his friend’s car while they were racing here, police said Tuesday.

‘The incident took place at around 11.30 p.m. Monday in Rohini area. The deceased Ashutosh Girhotra, who was riding a high-end motorcycle, lost his balance and rammed into a divider. His friend Mohit Sharma, 20, who was just behind in a car crushed him as he was unable to control his speed suddenly,’ a senior police officer said.

‘Mohit received minor injuries while Amit, who was also in the car, escaped unhurt. Ashutosh had gone for his tuition class and while returning from there he met Mohit. They were returning home when the incident took place,’ the police officer added.

‘Initial inquiries revealed that both Ashutosh and Mohit were driving their vehicles at high speed. Ashutosh’s body was badly crushed in the accident. Mohit’s car was also badly damaged. There were clear marks of a skid on the road showing that Mohit suddenly applied brakes,’ the officer further said.

Police were informed by a passerby.

‘The boys were taken to a nearby hospital where Ashutosh was declared dead while Mohit who received minor injury was discharged after treatment,’ the officer added.

Ashutosh, Mohit and Amit were friends and lived in the same area. Ashutosh, who was in school, was living with his parents in R.K. Apartments in Sector-9, Rohini. Mohit, who is in college, lives with his family in Goodwill Apartments in the same area.

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