Teen Bhuboner Paare (1969)-Bengali Movie

Teen Bhuboner Paare (1969)-Bengali Movie- Soumitra Chatterjee – Tanuja Classic
Direction: Pankaj Ghosh
Story: Samaresh Basu
Music Direction: Sudhin Dasgupta
Lyric: Pulak Bondhopadhyay, Sudhin Dasgupta
Playback Singers: Manna Dey, Arati Mukherjee
Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Tanuja, Kamal Mitra, Sumita Sanyal, Tarun Kumar, Rabi Ghosh, Bijan Bhattacharya, Padma Debi, Aparna Debi, Sulata chowdhury, Chinmoy Roy

A classic movie with Soumitra Tanuja depicting the stoory of a woman’s struggle to educate her love who is a street urchin, and establish her as the best with her love, faith, patience, and perseverence. The music is wonderful with Manna Dey and Arati’s songs. Soumitra danced great with the Jibone Ki Pabo Naa song.

A must watch movie.

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4 Responses to “Teen Bhuboner Paare (1969)-Bengali Movie”

  1. Avik says:

    Exceptional story line thriving on the complexities of human relationships. The travails of a man towards the path of self realization aided by a dotting wife is not only moving but thought provoking….

  2. Indrajit says:

    how to download this movie? [;s let me know i am not getting any link to downlaod this.

  3. partha says:

    can u please mle me thew link i am not gating the movie .. anywhere. i wanto watch it …..

  4. Subroto Sarkar says:

    These websites are actually advertisement site for net fix and as such neither you can download nor see online. They just fool us to get attention in google search

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