TARA (2010) Bengali Movie starring Prosenjit directed by Bratya Basu

Prosenjit in Bengali Film TARA
Prosenjit in Bengali Film TARA

November 3, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Latest Bengali Film TARA directed by Bratya Basu is releasing in Kolkata Cinema Halls this Friday. The film stars Prosenjit in lead role.


Neither we, nor you,      they….TARA.
My Tara are not the stars up in the sky, my Tara are not the mainstream in the society but they who only belong to the fringes in the social context. THEY ARE MY STARS. TARA is essentially a love story. A story of a motherless girl,  Madhuja, living with her retired Professor father Manoj in the suburbs of Kolkata. Within their normal day to day life, disaster struck. Manoj is arrested by the police giving him a Maoist stigma and subjected to inhuman torture. The administration, political  parties, all play their part turning two hapless human beings into outcasts.

At this juncture help arrives to Madhuja through suspended police officer, Jahangir Khan. Jahangir realizes that he can prevent the onslaught on Madhuja and Manoj but can not retaliate against the perpetrators.

Indra, believes in retaliation. He is a top leader of a Terrorist organisation. For Indra, who once lived with his elder sister opposite Madhuja’s house, it was a one sided untold love affair. Madhuja was never aware of it. Indra comes forward to assist and save Madhuja and her father. This action by Indra is despised by another Comrade and party leader Ramachandra Naidu as he despises Indra’s weakness on Madhuja.

In the meanwhile Madhuja and Jahangir are in love. Severe push and pulls, breathtaking drama, State interference, retaliation….ultimately a smart love story………TARA

What Bratya Basu has to Say about TARA:

  • Finding new avenue for good cinema is ………………..TARA
  • This road will lead to entertaining, intelligent and contemporary cinema devoid of any melodrama and unnecessary crassness.
  • This movie is working towards a straight distinction. Good or a bad movie.
  • Tara wants to smartly present a story to the moviegoers, entertain them and make them feel as a integral part of the present.
  • This is the journey of the present, not from the outside but from within ……..TARA

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