Tamil Nadu framing policy for rooftop solar power generation

Chennai, Oct 19 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu government has almost finalised its policy on encouraging roof top solar power generation while implementing a Rs.447 crore project to reduce transmission and distribution (T&D) power losses in the state, an official said Tuesday.

‘The government is keen on tapping solar power and has almost finalised its policy on roof top solar power generation systems. Those who generate with roof top systems can consume the power so generated and also feed the surplus to the grid,’ state Principal Secretary (Energy) P.W.C. Davidar said at a seminar organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here.

Later, Davidar told IANS that they were waiting for some clarifications like the price at which this power could be fed to the grid before finalising the policy.

The government is planning to install meters at distribution transformers and feeders and use of information technology (IT) for meter reading and billing, he said, adding that mapping of the state’s power assets and consumers with a geographic information system (GIS) is also being planned.

On augmenting the power supply, Davidar said 8,415 MW of thermal power generation will be added in the state by 2015.

In addition, 2,320 MW capacity will be added by two merchant power companies in the state.

The state is also looking at ultra mega power projects, he said.

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