Tamil film ‘Mynaa…’to be remade in Hindi

Dubai, Dec 16 (Calcutta Tube) Tamil director Prabhu Solomon plans to remake his film ‘Mynaa – Journey of Love’, which is being screened at the 7th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival, in Hindi.

‘I am planning to make ‘Mynaa’ in Hindi. It won’t be dubbed in the language but remade with a new star cast. I am committed to make a Tamil film now. I hope to start filming ‘Mynaa’ in May or June,’ Prabhu told IANS in an interview.

‘Mynaa…’ is about how childhood friendship between a boy and a girl transforms into love when they grow up and how they fight society to establish their relationship.

The acclaimed South Indian director, who has made films like ‘Kannodu Kanbathellam’ (2001), ‘King’ (2002), ‘Kokki’ (2006), ‘Lee’ (2007) and ‘Laadam’ (2009), wanted to break the conventional patterns with ‘Mynaa’ and make the screenplay more close to reality.

‘The screenplay patterns, style of making Indian films with songs and action sequence, has more of artificial flavours. But in ‘Mynna…’, I have broken all these patterns. I have taken out all the artificial ingredients, the fantasies and the glamour,’ said Prabhu.

Yet, the film was appreciated by the stalwarts of Indian cinema, says Prabhu.

‘I have got good reports from Kamal (Hasan) sir, director Bala and other big directors in our industry. After watching the film, Rajinikanth wrote he would have been very happy had he got a small role in the film. So, it has given a different view to Tamil cinema,’ said Prabhu.

‘Mynaa’ is a commercial hit in South India, but Prabhu wanted to go a step ahead to explore the world’s audience through festivals.

‘Even though film is a commercially successful, I wanted to travel to festivals to know how is it taken by the audience. I wanted to know how they (festivals) market a film. So it’s my next step in filmmaking,’ said Prabhu.

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