Tarun Kumar

Kancher Swarga (1963)-Bengali Movie

‘Kacher Swarga’ by the eminent diretion group ‘Yatrik’ is a touching Bengali film about a young promising medical student (Dilip Mukherjee), who could not complete his studies and earn a degree. But in some strange ways of life he ends up working as a doctor in a remote hospital, and one day performs a miraculous surgery that saves a young lady’s life (Kajal Gupta). He comes to the limelight quite unwantedly, and that again brings more problems in his life. Some dishonest traders (Bikhash Ray) eventually take him to the court as a fraud, but all his friends, coworkers (Geeta Dey, Anil Chatterjee, Tarun Kumar) and his boss (Pahari Sanyal) at the hospital try their best to help him out. The testify for him that he was the best person suitable for his post and a caring doctor – does not matter what the degrees and the transcripts say. In trial he is sent to prison for some years, but all his friends and his admirer – the lady whose life he saved- awaits the return of a true human being.