Sujit Guha

Prosenjit walking a different path

Lately Prosenjit, the most successful Bengali Film star after Uttam Kumar, is focusing on doing intellectual films along with his commercial one. His work in Rituparno’s Khela was much appreciated. He is now getting ready to shoot for the movie “Dunia” by Subhadra. Subhadra is a National Award winning director for the movie “Prohor”. The movie is somewhat based on a split personality.

Jeet and Koel are together again

There was a long silence. Three years has gone without a single Bengali film from the very successful couple Jeet-Koel from super hit Bengali films like Bandhan, Ghatak, Juddha and more. Director Sujit Guha has signed up Koel, Jishu and Jeet in a triangular love story. There are plenty of Jeet-Koel fans out there. Let us all celebrate.