Dev and Subhashree Interviewed Together

Dev and Subhashree both were interviewed by CalcuttaTube separately. Now CT journalist Moumita Sarkar cought them together for another short CT Exclusive interview. The couple from the strong going plus record breaking movie Challenge by Raj Chakraborty – “Dev and Subhashree” come to CalcuttaTube again. Check out and enjoy some exclusive photographs taken during the exclusive interview also. Let’s check out the couple also signed up for “Pran Jay Jaliya Re”.

Pran Jaay Jaliya Re – Dev and Subhashree

Dev and Subhashree signed up for another film “Pran Jaay Jaliya Re” even before the release of their first joint venture “Challenge” by Raj Chakraborty. Shree Venketsh films already have a long contract with Subhashree, who after losing some serious weight, looking hot and tanned.