Promode Ganguly

Pikoo (1981)-Bengali Movie

‘Pikoo’ (Pikoo’s Day) is a short film by Satyajit Ray about an upper middle class woman’s her extra-marital affair and her dedication to her legitimate relationships at home. ‘Pikoo’, based on the short story ‘Pikur Diary’ by Satyajit Ray, deals with complex sentiments in modern relationships from within its duration of approx. 26 mins. This film is not much easily accessed as many others films by Ray. Arjun Guha Thakurata as the little boy Pikoo is amazing. Promode Ganguly plays the role of Pikoo’s grandfather and is awesome. Soven Lahiri as his father, Aparna Sen as his mother, and Victor Banerjee as Pikko’s uncle Hitesh with whom his mom maintains an illegitimate relationship, are great.