Nirmal Kumar

Banchharamer Bagan (1980)-Bengali Movie

‘Banchhharamer Bagan’ is a classic Bengali film by the eminent director Tapan Sinha based on a story by the famous playwright Manoj Mitra. The film is cool comedy that is all the same popular today after 28 years when it was made. It is also a popular play that is acted on stage by Manoj Mitra and his theatrical group ‘Sundaram’ named ‘Shajano Bagan’. In both the film and the play, Manoj Mitra himself is cast as the protagonist character, Banchhharam Kapali who is obsessed to his garden.

The film ‘Banchharamer Bagan’ has great cast with Dipankar Dey, Madhabi Mukherjee, Devika Mukherjee, (whereas the play was performed circa 2003 with Mayuri Ghosh, Shubhra Basu, etc). A classic story in any form – cinema or theatre or a simple read that has won the hearts of the audience for decades.