Koninika Banerjee

Tin Ekke Tin(2004)-Bengali Movie

‘Tin Ekke Tin’ is a good commertial movie with three women as its central characters. Mukti, Maya, Alo (Shreelekha Mitra, Nilanjana Bhowmick, Koninika Banerjee) are three friends from middle class families who have high hopes and ambition in life. They are well educated and talented. But when they need a bank loan to start a small business, they could not get a loan from anywhere. Nobody trusts in their abilities because they are women. The movie is full of funny scenes and fun characters like a nosey neighbour (Paran Bandopadhyay) peeping out of his window and watching on the girls, a police officer (Shubhendu Chatterjee) fond of planchet an unemployed middle-aged guy (Tapas Pal) buying a second hand car and opening a driving school etc. Some of them are just like our next-door people – very realistic. We sure don’t have a lot of movies like this in the Bengali cinema. But this can be a very good start. Unlike a lot of other Bengali movies, this is not a copycat of Bollywood style. The song lipped Badshah Moitra is awesome! We need mroe songs like this in Bengali films – perfect romantic lyrics put into overflowing numbers.