Geetu Bawa

Jyoti-TV Show-In coming episodes Poonam knows Jyoti is step-daughter of Padma

In NDTV Imagine serial Jyoti, the upcoming episodes are going to be about Poonam coming to know the real identity of Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) is the step-daughter of Padma (Zaida). Poonam (Geetu Bawa) will get to know about this fact next week in“Jyoti”, which is produced by Sphereorigins. What will happen when Poonam comes to know that Jyoti is not Sandeep’s real sister? Will her attitude towards Jyothi change after knowing this fact? To know more, watch theshow that is telecast on NDTV Imagine, every Monday to Friday, at 7.30pm.