Chhabi Biswas

Bandhu-Uttam Kumar-Mala Sinha Classic

Bandhu is a story between two childhood friends (Uttam Kumar, Asit Baran) – their love, respect, sharing that ends up in a triangular love story when they fall in love with the same woman (Mala Sinha). Will their friendship last for ever? Will they achieve their love? The film casts the greatest glamor icons of the black and white era of the Bengali cinema – Uttam Kumar, Asit Baran, and Mala Sinha – the glamor queen and sex symbol of Bollywood from 50’s to 70’s. The film has great character roles played by actors like Chhabi Biswas, Malina Debi – the kindest on-screen mother, and many more.

Kanchanjangha (1962)-Bengali Movie

Kanchanjungha is a Bengali classic by Satyajit Ray about an affluent family that goes to spend their vacation in Darjeeling. The head of the family is a very dominating man (Chhabi Biswas), who is very stolid and prosaic about life. The story revolves around these people, who probably try to take new ventures as never before- it may have been the nature, the magic of the misty envirinment, the mountains, the evergreen forest that bring their true selves out. A great film. All the actors are wonderful. The new comers if that time Alakananda Ray and Arun Mukehrjee are splendid.

Shuno Baronari (1960)-Uttam Kumar-Supriya Debi

Shuno Baronari is a Bengali film directed by Ajay Kar starring Uttam Kumar and Supriya Debi. The movie also starts Chhabi Biswas, Tulsi Chakraborty, Jahar Roy, Nripati Chatterjee and more. Rabin Chatterjee is the music director of the Bangla movie and Hemanta Mukherjee, Sumitra Sen, Shyamal Mitra are playback singers. The story is written by Subodh Ghosh. Shuno Baronari is one of the low profile Uttam Kumar movies that revolves around love and relationship. This may not the be the best of Uttam Kumar movie but worth watching for beautiful Supriya Debi.