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Little Dorrit (2008) Charles Dickens

Scandalous secrets, strangling bureaucracy, and crippling debts collide in the compelling BBC/Masterpiece Classic adaptation of Charles Dickens’ weighty novel, which debuted in serial form in 1855. Mrs. Clennam (Judy Parfitt), a shut-in, kicks the complex storyline into action when she hires 21-year-old seamstress Amy Dorrit (newcomer Claire Foy

Hide and Seek (2005) Film Review

David Callaway (Robert DeNiro) is a psychologist whose wife commits suicide, and his little daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning) is sent to a rehabilitation center to recover from shock. David being a psychologist himself, bring Emily back to live with him and moves upstate to start a new life. In their new home, Emily plays with an imaginary friend Charlie, and as the movie proceeds the viewers get stuck with the horrible acts of Charlie. The entity of Charlie is quite strange.