Bengali Suspense Thriller

Chiriyakhana (1967)-Bengali Movie

hariyakhana’ by Satyajit Ray is based on the detective story by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay. Uttem Kumar plays the role of the great detective Bomkesh Bokshi and Shailen Majumday play his assistant and friend Ajit. The film also has other great actor like Kanika Majumdar, Shubhendu, Chinmoy Ray, and many more. In the film, Ray has changed the story line a bit, but that does not affect the attraction of the thriller. There are many other Bomkesh Bokshi films and television serials made in Hindi and Bengali, and many more coming up. The great director like Basu Chatterjee, Rituparno Ghosh have been interested in Bomkesh Bokshi thrillers and actors like Rajar Kapoor, Prosenjit have been and going to be cast as Bomkesh. This gives an idea of the popularity of the detective created by Sharadindu.