Bengali Comedy Movie

Personal Assistant (1959)-Bengali Movie

‘Personal Comedy’ is one of the superhit Bengali comedies of the Bhanu Banerjee and Ruma Guha Thakurata pair. made multiple successful comedy movies in Bangla. Bhanu Banerjee plays the role is a young poet, who is repeatedly losing jobs due to his forgetfulness till he is appointed by a successful business woman (Played by Ruma Guha Thakurata) as her personal assistant. arun Kumar played the role of a friend of Bhanu Banerjee and did a great job. Pahadi Sanyal is aewsome. Tulsi Chakrabarty is one of the classic charecter in this movie. The music by Nachiketa Ghosh and songs by Hemanta Mukherjee are added features of this wonderful film.

Bhanu Pelo Lottery (1958)-Bengali Movie

Bhanu Pelo lottery (1958) is Bengali comedy about a simple suburban clay modelist (Bhanu) who goes to a big city to collect his lottery priize money and is overwhelmed and startled by the city ways. There also comes in a romance factor when theu meet the smart and beautiful young lady (Lily Charoborty). The film also offers nice songs with Nachiketa Ghosh’s music direction and GauriPrasanna Ghosh’s lyrics.