Bangla Movie

Jackpot (2009)

Jackpot is the latest Kolkata Tollywood Movie starring Rahul, Hiran, Koel and Sohini Pal. The movie is directed by Kaushik Ganguly. The movie is another love story with a “game show” theme.

Rajkumar (2008)

Rajkumar (2008) p Rajkumar is another venture of Superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee with Swapan Saha. The action-drama film does not belong to Bengal once again. The story is taken from some or multiple south movies then mixed well to serve the viewers. Another film where you should only go if you are die hard fan of Prosenjit. We will NOT blame if you are going to miss the Swapan Saha production. We hope he does better in his next release. However, we noticed house-full crowed for Prosenjit on 25th December. 2008!