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Indraneil Sengupta, Suvra KunduJuly 31, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Tollywood filmmaker Riingo’s new action thriller film “System” which hit the screens on Friday (July 29, 2011) touches a subject with a lot of premise but fails to deliver the goods in all entirety. The film has Indraneil Sengupta, Suvra Kundu, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty and others in the star cast while Jeet Ganguly has scored the music. Read the Bengali movie review at Calcutta Tube.

SYSTEM: Surreal gangsters rampage a mythical Kolkata

The background

“System one” which is the name of the nexus of criminals and gangsters in Kolkata goes about its everyday business under orders from their immoral supremo “Da” which refers to the Don of Kolkata.

The middleman or “Tara” (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) does the job of providing contract killers for doing the dirty work and also manages other matters.

The protagonist “Eklavya” (Indraneil Sengupta) is one such “Cheetah” (assassin) who eventually falls in love with a bar singer “Rani” (Suvra Kundu), who accidentally becomes blind, and matters start to complicate.

There is also another “System two” and the police officers in that covert operations group clash against the crooks of “System one”.

Efficient and ruthless officer “Rudra” (Indrajit Chakraborty) who is a part of “System two”, goes after killer “Eklavya” in an attempt to bring him to justice.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B0057XXJKI” display=”inlinepost”]The script- 0.5/5

The folly of the script is that there is no script or at least it appears so upon watching the nearly two and a half hour marathon.

Filled with cliché dialogues and with over the top repetitions of the word system, the larger than life characters fail to provide sufficient conviction behind their actions.

If you do manage to find out the who and the why, still the word how will cripple your faculties.

You will wonder how it is possible for several people to brandish their guns openly on public streets and go about with their gory street fights without the slightest bother of law and order as if Kolkata is somewhere in the Wild West.

It seems that during the celluloid age of portraying social reality, the writers have gone against the flow by creating “the other Kolkata” that only exists in the fantasies of its creators, despite their contradicting claims.

The direction and technique- 3.5/5

The technical ingenuity of Riingo doesn’t disappoint.

The camera angles and the vintage tobacco tone being complimented by darker hues set the mood of the film quite nicely.

Some of the stunning cinematography and photography exhibited throughout the film is bound to captivate the minds of its viewers.

A lot of blood and gore aside, the action sequences, there are quite a few of them by the way, are adequately handled.

Both Indrajit and Indraneil punch, kick and shoot their way through most of the film with occasional additions from bad-man Rajesh Sharma and Sabyasachi Chakraborty.

Still the pace of the movie isn’t quite up to the mark and it tends to slow down at several places and the woes of a potential yawnathon are compounded by the excessive use of slow motion sequences that give you the feeling that truly “this fight will never end.”

Acting- 1.5/5

The star cast had held a lot of potential but past all the lock, stock and barrels of big guns and promising credentials acting doesn’t quite manage to become the forte of “System”.

Except for a convincing Sabyasachi none of the others come close to leaving impressions upon your mind.

Indraneil plays the role of the angry young killing machine with a lack in menace that his character should have come gift wrapped with and Suvra as the love interest of his doesn’t manage to capture the attention of anyone outside the film

She has apparently been given the screen space to whimper and whimper some more for quite a number of reasons both with and without visual ability.

This might not be the first step towards the ending history of their blunt on screen chemistry but then who knows.

Indrajit too fails to capture the frays of a hard hitting cop with a genuine intensity and manages to appear detached rather than calm and composed.

Rajesh as the bad guy doesn’t have much to do except for churning out corny lines and beating people to a pulp but still he does so with an experienced touch.

The music – 2.5/5

Not bad but not terrific either.

Jeet Ganguly’s songs neither leave a bad after taste nor do they manage to become a part of your repertoire of bathroom melodies.

The background score neither exemplify any of the extremities be it the positive or negative and hence the musical quality remains average.

To be or not to be

The choice of being at the cinema halls depends solely upon personal motivation.

If action boils your blood and is your tonic of the day then you can give “System” a try.

If not then don’t go expecting much more than ingenious photography because this “unheard story of another Kolkata” can remain unheard for a few decades.

– Arnab Chakraborty

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