Swastika Mukherjee talks about Bhooter Bhobishyot Bengali Film (Interview)

December 26, 2010, Kolkata/Tollywood (Calcutta Tube):Tollywood (Bengali film industry) actress Swastika Mukherjee will be seen in a completely new look in her upcoming movie ‘Bhooter Bhobishyot‘. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with her at the shooting location in South Kolkata, as she shared her views on the movie and her character. Excerpts.

SWASTIKA Mukherjee
SWASTIKA Mukherjee

How did you become a part of this film?
The producer of the film is a close friend of mine. I came to know about the movie when it was actually in the script level. I have always planned to work with Anik da (Anik Dutta, the director of the film) in the past… in his advertisements. Other than that, the team is really good. It is a comfortable unit and we all are enjoying ourselves while shooting for the film.
Speak something on the character you are portraying in the film?
The film deals with bhooteder bhobishyot (the future of ghosts). I am playing the character called Kadalibala. She is a heroine of the black and white era. She committed suicide due to unfortunate reasons and then became a spirit. The male ghosts in the film are big fans of her.
Is this a film a satire on ghosts or is it really a scary movie?
This is definitely a horror film. But it is not that people will get scared like they get in the films by Ramgopal Verma. This is a film which has shown views dealt with comic situation. It is a situational comedy showing lots of important issues.
How did you prepare for this character?
We did a lot of sittings. We discussed a lot on the character, like what to wear, how to go and all that. The director had asked me not to pluck my eyebrows for the character. It is first time I am not shaping them. The make up for this character is really loud and overdone, in order to give the not-so-normal feel, hair style, buns all portray the time of Kadalibala. There are quite a few song sequences, importantly the songs are all of nasal types and intonations, Anik da helped me a lot. He mailed me the songs and I learnt them by heart. I also researched how the heroines looked at that time. There are no realistic feelings. You will find that normal attitudes are not shown. Moreover, for this film and for the character I also went for dance classes as the actors used to dance a lot at that time.
You are not seen doing bulk movies at a time. Do you prefer to do limited but good movies now?
I have been doing hardcore masala films for a long time. I started doing different films since 2008, which includes ‘Breakfail’. They were different kinds of films. I was getting offers to do such films. Moreover, I was not happy with the commercial sector. New heroines are coming up; the young heroes prefer to work with them. I worked with actors like Bumba da (Prasenjit Chatterjee), who has also shifted from hardcore commercial ventures to different kind of movies these days. Practically, I am happy to do all sorts of films. I am working to get proper opportunity of a commercial film. But at present I am busy with a film called ‘Bye Bye Bangkok’. It is an urban film and my character in the movie is really different.
What are your upcoming ventures?
Definitely, there is ‘Bhooter Bhobishyot’ and ‘Bye Bye Bangkok’. Then there are two films with Aniket Chattopadhyay.Then there is a film with Ashok Viswanathan.
New Year is round the corner, what is your resolution for this year?
Of course my New Year resolution is not to burst my pimples (laughs).

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