Swapner Din (2008)

Swapner Din (2008)
Released on: October 2, 2008
Director: Buddhadev Dasgupta
Cast: Prosenjit, Rimi Sen, Rajesh Sharma
Producer: Jhamu Sugand, finally released by Piyali Films

Swapner Din
Swapner Din

Short Review:

Swapner Bin – A film by Buddhadeb Dasgupta Finally released in Calcutta Movie Halls . The film had to wait long 4 years before its release in Kolkata on October 2, 2008. The film has been broadcast in numerous film festivals in those long years including film festivals in Toronto, London, Athens, Tokyo and more. The movie is about the lack of our own identity and roots. It is also about the interaction of various ordinary people under extra ordinary circumstances. The main characters are played by Prosanjit, Rajesh Sharma and Rimi Sen. Prosenjit looks different and mature without is traditional macho looks. Rimi Sen plays the role of a young Bangladeshi woman while Rajesh Sharma depects a common man in the big world. Prosenjit (as Paresh) travels in the villages as a government job to show films on public awareness with a projector. He meets Rimi Sen (As Amina) – a refugee and Rajesh Sharma (as Chapel) – a driver who want to live in Dubai. Buddhadev Dasgupta used humor very wisely in the enjoyable film and filmography is excellent.

This is the first time in the career of Prosenjit that he was asked to worked in a film by Buddhadev Dasgupta.

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